Genpact and The LIVEKINDLY Collective Leverage Cloud Technology

Press release 

New Delhi, December 18, 2020 – Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, and The LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collective of plant-based food and media brands, today announced they are leveraging cloud technology and predictive analytics to reimagine end-to-end operations and drive competitive growth. They are co-innovating to create a digital-first, data-led organization to achieve LIVEKINDLY Collective’s vision to be the preeminent plant-based food company that transforms the global food system at speed.

LIVEKINDLY Collective’s aggressive “farm-to-fork” approach dictates the need for agility. The company is developing everything from seeds that can grow with less water to new cuisine that encourages more consumers to eat plant-based meals. It must reinvent traditional business operations to shift the global food system to a sustainable one. Genpact answers this call by combining modern food production processes with cloud technology that can scale quickly. With fast access to best-in-class equipment and systems, LIVEKINDLY Collective can easily integrate new brands and partners, increasing its speed to market and driving greater impact across its global food value chain. By managing this work in a cloud environment, LIVEKINDLY Collective can combine the benefits of grit and flexibility of an innovative startup with the resources, expertise, and scale of an established enterprise.

Genpact and The LIVEKINDLY Collective will harness the power of predictive analytics and rapid forecasting – analyzing conventional internal information such as product specifications and buying trends, as well terabytes of relevant external consumer data including social media chatter – to create hyper-personalized customer experiences for buying and consuming plant-based foods. For example, by tracking key influencers and related online dialog in real-time, the LIVEKINDLY Collective can quickly determine what to promote when, where, and to whom. In addition, forward-looking intelligence will allow The LIVEKINDLY Collective to better anticipate and match market demand, from managing supply chain operations to knowing what crop to plant when, bringing quality products to market when customers need them most.

“Genpact is a strategic partner helping us build a sustainable future today while shifting consumer behavior through more personal engagement, unrivaled customer intimacy, and superior service,” said Kees Kruythoff, chairman and chief executive officer of The LIVEKINDLY Collective. “Genpact’s deep experience in cloud and other digital technologies, combined with its process expertise from managing operations for numerous global consumer goods and retail companies, allows us to operate instinctively and grow faster.”

Built with the enterprise resource planning power of SAP S/4HANA, Genpact’s solution standardizes and connects operations across all core aspects of the business, including customer acquisition, procurement, supply chain management, finance, human resources, and other key functions. By transforming many traditionally siloed, manual processes into an integrated ecosystem of real-time operations that will continue to scale seamlessly as the business grows, The LIVEKINDLY Collective can compete more effectively and make faster, smarter business decisions as consumer demands evolve. Moreover, significantly lower maintenance costs will unlock savings to reinvest in innovation that drives further growth.

Genpact’s expertise in digital technology and consumer goods and retail processes allowed it to create a sophisticated design across all key functional areas in just three weeks, and an end-to-end infrastructure that The LIVEKINDLY Collective launched live in only six months. The Genpact and LIVEKINDLY Collective teams collaborated remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the solution is one of the many SAP S/4HANA installations developed in the cloud during this challenging work environment. The swift time from design to launch allowed The LIVEKINDLY Collective to continue its aggressive growth strategy uninhibited by the pandemic.

“The plant-based food market has seen exponential growth over the last several years, continuing to attract numerous new players, both big and small. Agility and speed-to-market are critical for success, especially for an innovative disruptor like The LIVEKINDLY Collective,” said BK Kalra, global business leader, consumer goods and retail at Genpact. “Cloud-based, real-time operations are driving the future of business and giving The LIVEKINDLY Collective an edge over larger competitors with cumbersome legacy systems. We’re excited to support its growth and vision to promote a sustainable plant-based lifestyle.”

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