Grand Slam Fitness Announcesan International Fitness Training Program

New Delhi:- May 2021:- Grand Slam Fitness, India’s fastest growing chain of fitness stores, has announced the launch of a 6-month long International Fitness Training Program. Through the program, Grand Slam aims to train at least 1000 trainers to help them become micro-influencers for the fitness brands.

Grand Slam Fitness is synonymous with Quality, Design, Durability, Efficiency, Functionality, Ergonomics, and Aesthetic Superiority. A legacy born from the deepest insights of fitness, wellness, and health, has been at the helm of global best practices personalized for each consumer’s needs.

The unique program consists of 12 international certificates and will give students an in-depth understanding of the actual role and scope of the practice of personal training. It has the propensity to set the model apart from its competition as a global phenomenon. The target is to give both the trainer a sense of being a world-class professional and the client of being trained by a sophisticated and knowledgeable expert. The company’s primary focus is to give these trainers the information and education they need to be able to suggest fitness equipment, fitness training to any individual or facility.

The program is partnered by the non-profit wing of the company, FIT INDIA TRUST. FIT endeavors to bring to the table requisite training programs to impart knowledge, support, and skills to empower trainers to be the face of world-class fitness brands. The aim is to ensure that trainers understand the implication of the differentiation that the brand brings to its prospective clients.

The international training program is spread over 6 months and will comprise 8 modules directed at building a solid foundation amongst students. The sessions will cover 12 broad agendas of the training that will include a holistic approach to Personal Training, Fitness Nutrition, and Supplementation, communication and languages including English, brand and equipment advisory, management training, sales, and even social media management of their Personal Profiles. The aim is to create all-around professionals who can handle the cream of clients with ease.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Prateek Sood, Director, Grand Slam Fitness, said, “Fitness is an industry that has been largely unorganized. Grand Slam Fitness is looking to disrupt industry expectations and bring a global level of expertise to the market. It is not only about building brand equity and awareness for world-class fitness equipment and technologies but also about making clients comfortable. You should be able to enjoy the comprehensive experience that you deserve.



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