HAPPN Reveals its New “Similarities” Feature 

Press release – 15th June 2021

happn, one of the leading dating apps, is launching its new similarities feature today. Thanks to this new option, happners can directly discover what they have in common with other singles on the app. The idea is to draw attention to other elements besides the traditional first profile photo and showcase the passions and similarities that often lead to a Crush!

Similarities: a reason to Crush, a way to break the ice… or both!

Indian users highlighted that it is important to have common interests with your Crush to build a stronger emotional connection. According to a survey conducted by happn, 68% of Indian respondents believe that they can bond well with their Crush if they share the same interest and passion. Additionally, 50% of users felt that having common activity, interest and passion act as a great icebreaker and helps in starting a smooth conversation.

The new feature will therefore appeal to all happners. The app will automatically detect similarities between two users based on their profile information, such as personality traits and where they frequently cross paths, which will be added to their profiles as a badge.

“With this new feature, we want to continue improving our users’ dating experience while constantly pursuing what makes meeting someone in real life so amazing: a face, of course, but also a personality, passions, and the things in common that make us want to get to know the person,” says Marine Ravinet, head of trends at happn. “Now more than ever, we are advising happners to complete their profiles. Even the smallest piece of information could be the starting point for a wonderful love story!”


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