HR tech startups revolutionizing Hiring game using tech

As the work culture has changed drastically in the wake of the corona pandemic, HR-based startups have contributed the most to the upkeep of productivity. HR Tech startups have always faced a challenge in justifying the importance of Tech in HR, but this year there has been a lot of demand due to the obvious digitization that has happened across companies. With the talks of AI, automation, technology dominating the whole year round, HR Tech saw a definite uptake both in India and globally.
Given the situation, HR-tech startups are helping emerging companies to grow with the help of talent acquisition management and recruitment solutions. From hiring the right talent to employee engagement (especially when working remotely) technology has revolutionized the human resources industry.
We have narrowed down the list of hottest HR tech startups pacing up the recruitment game using technology.


EdGE Networks

Edge Networks logo
Started in 2012 EdGE Networks provides a suite of AI-powered products that not only auto-source, auto-screen, and auto-engage the best candidates and employees for a role, but also recommend the best career path and draw up a personalized learning path for each employee. Over six years, the team at EdGE Networks has developed productivity tools that leverage AI to help businesses address challenges in the areas of talent acquisition, workforce optimization, talent transformation, and workforce planning. The company has three enterprise solutions – Talent Analytics, Workforce Optimisation, and HIREalchemy – that cover a gamut of HR requirements.


iXceed Solutions

iXceed Solution Logo

iXceed Solution is a leading Talent and Workforce Solutions service provider to Fortune 500 companies globally focussing on Technology, IT Consulting, Engineering Consulting domains. iXceed has been functioning as one of the leading end-to-end recruitment solutions Internationally(UK), now operational in the Indian market. It uses an efficient and robust process to develop solutions in the recruitment space. The facilities are primarily tech-skill-based, and customer satisfaction is always based on the best fit for the industry. The company uses Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions to create a best-in-class experience for both the clients and candidates. Some of the marquee clients are as follows: Infosys, HCL, Oracle, Mindtree, NIIT, Shuttl, etc.



Zimyo solutions, based in Gurgaon, enables hundreds of organizations to improve their key metrics by minimizing their employee onboarding time, turnover ratios, improved ESS procedures and helpdesk, and much more. Zimyo is helping organizations build a workforce that is 2X productive, engaged, & satisfied.  In the HR Tech space, Zimyo offers businesses an end-to-end platform for HR, payroll, performance, engagement, and employee benefits. It was 2018 when two friends left their cushy jobs and entered the world of entrepreneurship with just one focus in mind- to enhance employee experiences across the globe. This focus led to the development of Zimyo- a one-stop solution for all the HR needs.



A Delhi-based HR-tech startup is an advanced hiring platform based on artificial intelligence, enabling recruiters to hire top talent effortlessly. It is a revolutionary platform that allows companies to find talent with 10x more accuracy and 10x less time compared to any existing solutions. Getting the talent and the employer on the same page has never been an easy task, especially in the present scenario of innovation and competition. But now we are done with the hassle of finding a suitable job or suitable candidate with the revamping technology. Finding jobs or source talents has become much easier with the help of Instahyre.



referhire logo
Started in 2016, has created a peer-to-peer (P2P) networking platform to bring together organizations and those seeking new career opportunities. Founded by Rohit Tewari and Jaspreet Oberoi, Delhi-based ReferHire is aimed at building transparency and efficiency in the entire process of hiring the right candidate. Once the user identifies the companies they are interested in, ReferHire will start introducing them to peers in those organizations so that they can lookout for an opportunity.  The startup also estimates to have placed around 5,000 candidates via its network.

Bengaluru- based Equiv aims to solve talent assessment and hiring while keeping diversity in mind. The startup was founded by Naren Krishna in early-2017 and is a business vertical of Stellar Software Technologies Pvt Ltd. helps companies hire women, differently-abled individuals, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and veterans to make India Inc more inclusive. The startup also curates and conceptualizes flagship events. Some of its clients include Indeed, ThoughtWorks, Infosys, SocieteGenerale, Microsoft, and Blackrock. In 2017, raised a seed round from an angel investor in Hyderabad, and a Pre Series-A round from Mancer Consulting Services.

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