HyLyt’s backend Integration with Cloud Data to offer Seamless Access

Press Release:  New Delhi, 31 March 2021, HyLyt, unified information management, and collaboration platform has come up with an innovative technology that integrates data saved on the cloud with the search engine of the app, using keywords and advanced search techniques. The recall value of the search option working on the cloud will help small businesses to have the past information on an immediate basis and enable efficient decision management in present scenarios.

This is in continuation with the upgraded service being provided by the app, through which it can optimize its search options and converge similar information with multiple conditions on a real-time basis, thus providing search access across different file formats for fourteen different search criteria, which is a missing parameter in most of the similar platforms available currently.

Rajat Singhania, Founder of SocioRac, HyLyt said, “It is our endeavor to keep on innovating the platform so as to make it one of the most efficient data integration and business chat platform that is designed with businesses in mind. Our relational matrix structure allows businesses to save and manage all your important data from multiple apps and sources in one place. You can also control who can use this data and how they can use this data.”
“Integration with cloud data will provide a bigger platform of data and help the entrepreneur never to miss any data. This help business to eliminate information silos and get a comprehensive view of all the notes, reminders, meetings, chats, pictures, videos at a glance. Information is empowerment and we at SocioRac aim to provide curated content in seconds,” Singhania added.

The patent-pending platform, works with all the current apps and data silos to optimize the search when the user uses it, thus helping small businesses, busy CEO’s and leadership to access all information saved in various files in different places with one search key.

In other words, it gets different types of data from any source at one place easily & instantly, interconnects them on multiple parameters, retrieves information instantly when needed, accesses anytime across multiple devices, share seamlessly with various stakeholders internally & externally, control how recipients can use it and pull it back when you want. Collaboration, content management, video conference, file storage, reminder, calendar, HyLyt provides all the low-cost productivity tools at one place with additional innovations on top of it.

The platform, given its origin in India and superior technology, has attracted investments from the Government of Gujarat for further research and development in making it one of the unique Made in India apps presented to the global audience.

The platform offers multi-filter information to customize views that help toward business information supervision and decision making in real-time without time lag and enable to operate through a single click across multiple channels. HyLyt works on relational matrix structure allowing one to organize the data and add 10 unique tags to each piece of information that one saves, making it easily searchable.

HyLyt aims to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of additional productive time by 2025, by leveraging digital technology and help manage the digital data overload that today’s business generates.


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