IDEMIA partners with IndusInd Bank to launch its first Metal credit card for customers

Press release – New Delhi, Jan 06, 2021: IDEMIA, in the metal payment card technology, today announced that it has partnered with IndusInd Bank to launch its first metal credit card – ‘PIONEER Heritage’

Equipped with best-in-class features and privileges across categories like travel, wellness, lifestyle, among others, the all-new metal credit card – offers exclusivity to wealthy customers of IndusInd Bank by providing them with a superior payment experience powered with innovative technology.

Payment cards are no longer a mere payment tool in India but also reflect the lifestyle of the cardholder. Research shows that buying premium products makes 52% of global customers “feel good”, and metal cards are a major differentiator for 58% of the cardholders. For cardholders, high-quality material, superior style, handcrafted design, and artisanal effects are definitely an exclusivity quotient.

“IDEMIA is happy to design exclusive metal cards for IndusInd Bank customers with a promise of premium payment experience and added exclusivity. We are confident that the leading-edge technology and the best of digital payment solutions from IDEMIA will help IndusInd Bank in its growth trajectory” said Amit Kakatikar, Regional Director & Head of Financial Institutions BU, IDEMIA.


“As the world goes digital, payment cards are arguably the last physical touch-point between the bank and its customers. The significance of metal cards is to promote IndusInd Bank’s brand and serve as a tool to create loyalty for the bank. Our global experience is that Metal cards facilitate Card Holders’ exclusive and premium payment experience and hence the customer loyalty” said Amanda Gourbault, Executive Vice President, Financial Institutions, IDEMIA.

IDEMIA partners with IndusInd Bank to launch its first Metal credit card for customers
IDEMIA first Metal credit card for customers

IDEMIA produces more than 800M+ payment products every year and offers a complete portfolio of metal cards to fit any segmentation, from high net worth to mass affluent. These premium payment cards are either made completely out of metal (pure metal plates), or out of a metalcore/middle with PVC back and/or front layers. Metal cards are personalized through laser engraving into the card surface.

IndusInd Bank, which commenced operations in 1994, caters to the needs of both consumer and corporate clientele. As of September 30, 2020, IndusInd Bank has 1910 Branches/ Banking outlets and 2785 ATMs across India. IndusInd Bank launched ‘PIONEER Banking’, its wealth management platform in January 2020, which caters to the high net worth segment of customers. The discerning few.

IDEMIA is a global leader in Augmented Identity and Security. With a workforce of 5,000 in India, IDEMIA is recognized as a clear leader in identity management, biometrics, digital payments, and security domains in India.


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