iGear launches ‘Symphony’ — a Battery-Free Wireless Bell with Polyphonic Tunes

Indian Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories brand iGear announces a revolutionary new wireless bell that works on the principle of kinetic energy and you will never need batteries for life. The iGear Symphony is a battery-free wireless bell driven by kinetic energy. It has a large operational range and features multiple polyphonic tunes.

Commenting on the new product launch, iGear Founder Kamlesh Sharma said, “The iGear Symphony is a revolutionary home and office accessory that helps reduce the strain on the environment while keeping your rooms wire-free. With a complete battery-free operation and using kinetic energy as its power source, the wireless switch is weather-proof (water and dust resistant) and works efficiently up to a distance of 100 meters. Being wireless, you can avoid unwanted wires to the bell, best suited for large rooms, new homes, and make-shift offices or clinics as a doorbell. It is a perfect melodious alerting accessory for your home or office, and also makes for a great gifting item.”

The iGear Symphony is a simple yet energy-efficient electronic bell/alerting system. The highlight of the Symphony is its wireless battery-free switch that works without any power – no battery needed, no adapters required. It generates its own electricity using kinetic energy when someone presses the switch. And using the little energy generated from the press, it triggers the indoor bell unit to produce a piece of loud and melodious music.

The iGear Symphony’s switch is completely wireless, weatherproof, and very simple to attach on the outside of the door. Since it is an enclosed unit, it can also be used indoors as a portable audio/alarm trigger and placed anywhere in the room, on the desk, or in the pocket. It operates within a range of 100 meters in plain sight or up to 45 meters when used in closed areas. Being waterproof, it can be easily installed outdoors, worry-free. And since it works without any batteries, it helps save on long-term hassles of battery replacements and also makes it an environment-friendly gadget.

The internal unit of the iGear Symphony is a simple wireless receiver with 38 polyphonic melodies built right into it. Users can select between 38 tunes depending on the mood, occasion, or installation area. It needs to be powered using a standard 230V (2-pin) power socket and kept powered-on whenever it needs to be operational. Additionally, volume control on the indoor unit also helps users to adjust the ring/melody volume according to their requirements.

The iGear Symphony is perfect for large homes, new homes, large rooms, offices, clinics, hospitals, or make-shift offices, clinics, mobile businesses, and many more. It also makes for a perfect gifting accessory. The iGear Symphony Wireless Battery-Free Kinetic Bell is available for a price of just Rs 1,499, with a standard industry warranty of 1 year, on Amazon.in and Flipkart.com.

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