Infortrend’s Unified Storage EonStor GS to Provide Reliable Backup Solution

26 April 2021 New Delhi: Infortrend Technology, Inc., the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, developed a high-performance unified SAN/NAS storage system EonStor GS (GS)with a comprehensive set of backup methods suitable for a wide range of applications that require enterprise data backup.

System crashes, human errors, hacker attacks, viruses, and physical disasters happen unexpectedly, so data backup is crucial for business continuity.GS provides such data protection and backup methods as Infortrend RAID, a hard disk scanning mechanism, remote replication to another GS or public/private cloud, and Cache backup technology to write data to the SSD module when the system is powered off. Moreover, GS supports third-party backup software­ – Veeam and Commvault. In order to meet the enterprise’s RTO and RPO, GS supports an all-flash configuration, which in combination with backup software helps to quickly recover data, so that enterprises can resume normal operations not long after disasters.

High availability is achieved with redundant controller design preventing system downtime caused by controller failure, smart hard drive repair function, prioritization of data reconstruction process in accordance with I/O, and redundant power supply. To reduce maintenance burdens, all hardware components of GS are modular and hot-swappable. With dual redundant controllers, GS not only increases system availability, but also improves overall backup performance, which reaches 900K IOPS and 12GB/s SAN bandwidth, and 10GB/s NAS bandwidth.

As backup capacity demands grow, GS can be expanded to up to 14PB. Integrating SAN, NAS, and hybrid cloud in one, as well as supporting multiple transmission protocols and host interfaces, GS is highly flexible to be deployed in various operating environments. IT specialists can easily configure GS backup and disaster recovery functions through a user-friendly browser-based EonOne management interface.

“Whether it’s block or file level environments, or if it demands PB+ level capacity, EonStor GS can fulfill local, remote, and cloud backup to protect your data around the clock,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.


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