Intel launches ‘AI For All’ initiative in collaboration with CBSE, Ministry of Education

The self-learning program will create AI awareness and appreciation across India.

What’s New: Intel in collaboration with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Ministry of Education
today announced the launch of the AI For All initiative with the purpose of creating a basic understanding of
artificial intelligence (AI) for everyone in India. Based on Intel’s AI For Citizens program, AI For All is a 4-hour, self-paced learning program that demystifies AI in an inclusive manner. It is as applicable to a student, a stay-at-
home parent as it is to a professional in any field or even a senior citizen. The program aims to introduce AI to 1 million citizens in its first year.

“AI has the power to drive faster economic growth, address population-scale challenges and benefit the lives
and livelihoods of people. The AI For All initiative based on Intel’s AI For Citizens program aims to make
India AI-ready by building awareness and appreciation of AI among everyone. The program further
strengthens Intel’s commitment to collaborating with the Government of India to reach the full potential of
AI and further the vision of a digitally-empowered India.” — Shweta Khurana, Director – APJ, Global Partnerships and Initiatives at Intel

How It Works: Anyone interested in the AI For All self-learning online course can sign up for free on The 4-hour open content resource is divided into two sections – AI
Awareness (1.5 hours) and AI Appreciation (2.5 hours). The segment on AI Awareness provides an elementary
understanding of AI, misconceptions around AI, and its application potential. The AI Appreciation segment helps
learners understand the key domains of AI, its impact across industries, and gets them started on building personal
learning plans. At the end of each stage, participants will be given personalized digital badges that can be shared
on social media.

To ensure inclusive access, the program is available in 11 vernacular languages for anyone with digital access. The
content is also compatible with various talkback applications to make it accessible for visually impaired people.

Why It Matters: The pandemic has accelerated India’s digital transformation and research suggests that emerging
technologies like AI are crucial towards driving more resilience as well as economic growth.1 NITI Aayog’s
National Strategy for AI is built on the philosophy of ‘AI For All’ and focuses on leveraging AI for inclusive
growth and developing population-scale AI solutions for societal needs. India’s National Education Policy 2020
also emphasizes preparing students for an AI-driven economy. As India strives to leverage AI for all and build a
digital-ready foundation, it is essential to focus on demystifying AI for the wider population to help them
understand how it can positively impact their lives.

“National Education Policy 2020 acknowledges the importance of AI and emphasizes preparing everyone for
an AI-driven economy. AI For All is one of the largest AI public awareness programs worldwide and will help
demystify AI in an inclusive manner strengthening India’s position as a global leader for emerging technologies,”
said Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director Skill Education, and Training, Central Board of Secondary Education, Ministry of
Education, Government of India.

Intel is collaborating with governments and communities globally to build a digital-first mindset and expand
access to the AI skills needed for current and future jobs. In India, the AI For All initiative is part of Intel’s
corporate social responsibility efforts towards democratizing AI for all.



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