Jaypee introduces their electric series in kitchen and home appliances

Jaypee, one of India’s manufacturers and exporters of houseware, kitchenware, and more, has announced the launch of its Electric series. The series has many options of electric lunch boxes and chafing dishes that are designed to keep your food warm and fresh. Just plug it in, heat your food, and enjoy a warm, nourishing meal wherever you are. Made using stainless steel, and food-grade BPA-free plastic, the products are durable, safe, and attractive, while the electric heating features make them extremely functional. Available in a variety of colors and designs inspired by global innovations, the collection features the E-Warmer- Electrical Chafing Dish, Hotpot Electric Lunch Box, Power Meal with Steel Electric Lunch Box, Hot-line Electric Plastic Lunch Box with 4 Steeliness Steel Container, and Spark 4 Cherry lunch box price starting from INR 1200 – 2500. The new series will be available on all leading online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon among others.
Aimed at the customers who are always on the move, this new electric range will be a sure-shot hit with people who like to relish warm meals wherever they are. No-hassle, compact, and easy-to-use – this range is a great option for office lunchboxes and even for keeping food warm at home.
Anurag Jain, Director, Jaypee Plus, said, “As the whole country and the world has now returned to the workplaces, we wanted to build something that gives them the same warmth of hot meals they are used to having at home. Our premium electric series is designed to give the highest utility to our customers along with being visually attractive and easy to maintain. We are very confident that this range will be a huge hit with our users. This is right in line with our company values and vision, and the extensive thought and attention we put into every product that we offer.”
Product Price
Power Meal with Steel Electric Lunch Box INR 1250
Hotpot electric lunch box INR 1320
Spark 4 Cherry INR 1708
Hot-line Electric Plastic Lunch Box
INR 1735
Electrical Chaffing dish INR 2350


E Warmer Electrical Chaffing dish – E-Warmer is a high-function, high-quality product based on Jaypee’s extensive experience with thermoware technology and more specifically casseroles. A chafing dish like no other, e.warmer is stylishly designed, maintenance-free with stainless steel inners, food grade, and durable. Its special features include.
Jaypee E.WARMER 1150ML 1150ML min
Power Meal -Powe Meal with steel it comes with an intelligent plug n heat features. Reheat food in just 30-40 min. Optimized with 3 cavity format, 2 stainless steel containers along with 1 separate compartment all cavity lids are leakproof. sleek design with easily fit into your bag.
Hotpot electric lunch box- Jaypee Plus, Hotpot’s ideal usage is to serve your meal hot and fresh anywhere & anytime. All you need to do is to plug in the cord and your food will be good hot to have.
Spark 4 Cherry- Jaypee, Spark usage is to serve your meal hot and fresh anywhere and anytime, It comes with a plug-n heat feature which allows you to plug at your desk or wherever you are to give you hot food in just 30-45 minutes with led display, with an electric power cord which can be plugged in to heat its contents.
Jaypee SPARK 4 min
Hot-line Electric Plastic Lunch Box- The Jaypee Plus Hot Line Plastic Lunch Box is just what you need for a satisfying lunch at work. Designed to keep your food warm and fresh, this is an electric food carrier that heats your food in a jiffy. Just plug in and say goodbye to soggy and cold food.
Jaypee  HOTOMATIC NEO 4 min
All the products come with the plug-and-heat feature and can heat the food within 30-45 minutes. All tiffin boxes come with stainless steel, removable containers which are easy to remove and wash, this makes the range low-maintenance and resourceful

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