Joynt has roped in a veteran techie from a German AI Champion as their CEO

Joynt, a platform, giving independent professionals and experts a new way to make money with one-on-one video calls. It recently announced Gaurav Tripathi as their new Chief Executive Officer.

As an angel investor and mentor, Gaurav brings a wealth of knowledge and an array of experiences across various verticals. And after having spent over a decade building a team, raising funds, product development, and scaling up operations, he observed a great opportunity with Joynt.

“Gaurav is a perfect leader for Joynt, with his knowledge about Scaling and Managing Startups, Bootstrapping, Innovation Management, and Team Building”, said Sagar Ramteke, the founder of Joynt. “Gaurav’s extensive Product Development background and Management skills should help Joynt strengthen and expand its presence amidst competition. We believe his strong leadership experience will help Joynt to attain new altitudes of success.”


“I am very excited to be joining the Joynt team,” said Gaurav Tripathi. “Having extensively worked with Artificial Intelligence and a lot of other related latest technologies, I felt I wanted to challenge myself with something distinctive. There is a tremendous opportunity to build a joyous, genuine, and sustainable platform for independent professionals and their followers to directly connect over a one-on-one video call. And as this industry evolves, I believe Joynt has a great business model and there are a lot of exciting things in store, it is an honor to lead this outstanding team.”

During this time of crisis, when the pandemic has hit possibly everything and everyone, Joynt can be a source of additional income for some. All independent professionals – celebrities, artists, experts, coaches, consultants, trainers – have been hit worse. On the other hand, the people who want to interact with them either for fun, learning, or advice too are finding it difficult to get what they aspire to. Joynt is connecting the two in an easy to use, hassle-free, private, and secure manner. Every time a person wants to interact with the celebrity, they need to pay for it through Joynt.

Given the current situation of Coronavirus and social media, a lot of things are changing around, and people must look out for the ‘new normal’. People need a real conversation with real people, this is where Joynt can prove beneficial for independent professionals, who are exploring newer avenues.

The core concept behind it is that, if you are watching a video on YouTube to learn how to program or how to sing or about any other topic, you will certainly have follow-up questions. Imagine you are following someone famous on Linkedin or Twitter and you want to ask them questions. How will you get the answers? You can try messaging them, putting comments on their posts. But you won’t be able to get into a real conversation – that is if at all you get a response in the first place. And the more famous or in-demand the person is chances of getting a response are even lower.

In its current avatar, Joynt is giving independent professionals and experts who are interested in sharing their knowledge to do so via remote, one-on-one video calls. They can upload an intro video, state their availability for calls, how much they want to charge for their time, and go live. And with Joynt, people can ask questions from these professionals and experts or get advice or simply have a meaningful conversation with them on the one-on-one video calls.

Of course, even though it is a remote conversation, it is still face-to-face and there are concerns, as a professional you don’t want to get stuck on a call with someone uninteresting, or as someone who paid for a call that turns out to be a total waste of time.

To address this, Joynt’s team focuses on bringing transparency, safety, and trustworthiness by carefully filtering the professionals and pre-screening the users who pay for making the calls. Joynt takes the feedback of both the professionals and users post the calls and uses that to rate both of them. This is going to ensure the conversations are of high quality and meaningful.

Currently, through Joynt, you can book a video call with your favorite professionals and experts across media, entertainment, art, music, or even culinary arts. There is a humongous number of experts listed from various verticals like music, TV actors, models, influencers, reality TV, regional, or explore categories like performing arts, sports, and fitness, art and lifestyle, etc.

About Gaurav Tripathi

Gaurav is an IIT-Bombay Alumni and has been an entrepreneur since the Campus days. In 2011, Gaurav co-founded Innoplexus, and as a CTO led the technology, product development filed 100+ patents with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications for Life Sciences.

He has experience in raising multi-million dollar venture funding rounds. He is known for building high performing teams which have been his strength in scaling Innoplexus technology and product. Gaurav is also an angel investor and a mentor to many startups. He has spoken at global AI tech conferences like Nvidia GTC 2019 and is a regular speaker at various tech meetups.


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