Lenovo Unveils 25 Next Generation of Intel-Based Smart Infrastructure Solutions

January 11, 2023 – India – Today, Lenovo unveiled 25 new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile server and hyper-converged solutions powered by Intel’s 4th Generation Xeon Scalable Processors as part of its recently announced Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio. Designed to help accelerate global IT modernization for organizations of all sizes, the integrated solutions deliver advanced performance, efficiency, and management capabilities specifically optimized for complex workloads, including mission-critical, AI, HPC, and containerized applications.

“We are excited about the launch of the new solutions powered by the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. It delivers on our promise of greater performance, efficiency, agility, and scalability. This will help businesses accelerate & navigate the new era of IT. It also helps us keep sustainability top of mind”, said Sumir Bhatia, President – Asia Pacific, Lenovo ISG. “Every business is a tech-first business, and today’s AI, multi-cloud, mission-critical workloads necessitate enterprises to modernize their IT infrastructure to achieve better ROI. With the performance improvements of the ThinkSystem & ThinkAgile V3 portfolio, our customers can reduce their IT footprint by up to three times and contribute to our vision of achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050. We look forward to helping our customers use the latest tech innovations to solve humanity’s greatest challenges”.

 As global data proliferation continues, businesses need a new IT architecture that spans client-edge-network-cloud-intelligence to help them innovate to meet ever-evolving customer needs. The next generation of Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile servers and storage with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature built-in accelerators that can help achieve more efficient utilization and power efficiency across the fastest-growing workloads that businesses depend on today. Additionally, the portfolio provides a unique open architecture with advanced management, superior reliability and extended security to help companies of all sizes work across diverse clouds while leveraging existing IT environments.

Doubling performance for mission-critical workloads

The next generation of Lenovo solutions with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors accelerate data networking, AI inference and analytics, delivering improved performance to help businesses better manage, process and analyze the explosive growth of data. As the data demands for today’s businesses exponentially increase, the new high-end ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile V3 servers are designed to more effectively power today’s most demanding workloads across all industries, including in-memory databases, large transactional databases, batch processing, real-time analytics, ERP, CRM, legacy system replacements and virtualized and containerized workloads. The portfolio also enables faster system configuration setup compared to the previous generation with enhanced XClarity Controller (XCC2) software.

Greater performance, less power consumption with new Neptune™ systems

Cooled by fifth generation Lenovo Neptune™ Direct Water- Cooling technology, Lenovo’s new ThinkSystem SD650 V3 and SD650-I V3 servers extend Neptune™ efficiency to a new generation of systems that enable customers to reduce power consumption up to 40 percent while still achieving maximum performance.

The new systems leverage Neptune cooling for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) on select models, providing HPC applications up to four times more memory bandwidth and delivering up to 2.8 times generational performance improvement. HPC users will now have the latest generation Intel Xeon Max Series CPUs with HBM and Intel Data Center Max Series GPUs, all cooled by Lenovo Neptune™ to efficiently run the most demanding modeling and simulation workloads. With Neptune™, liquid removes the heat, negating the need for power-consuming fans. This allows HPC users to attain greater performance while reducing the energy consumed and the environmental impact of the data center.

From Exascale to Everyscale™, Lenovo is committed to enabling organizations of all sizes access the next era of supercomputing technologies to help them solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Enabling scalable and secure cloud agility for the modern IT era

Lenovo is accelerating edge-to-cloud deployment with turnkey solutions to enable a smarter digital transformation and help customers accelerate their business. Designed with security, scalability, and agility in mind, Lenovo’s end-to-end cloud solutions are open, proven, and ready to deploy. The new solutions provide pre-configured, pre-validated, and cloud-ready systems with built-in lifecycle management to address customers’ most urgent needs. With the new Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio, businesses can use an agile solution to grow and manage cloud platforms at scale while providing consistent cloud services.

The new Lenovo ThinkAgile V3 HX, MX and VX hyper converged infrastructure solutions are pre-integrated with an open ecosystem of partners, including Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware software capabilities, and are available via TruScale Infrastructure as a Service for ultimate flexibility. Customers can combine the convenience of a cloud-like experience with the security and control of traditional on-premises solutions. With Lenovo Open Cloud-Automation (LOC-A) integrated software, deployment, provisioning and managing container infrastructure becomes effortless, enabling businesses to accelerate rollout with up to 81 percent faster deployment than standard IT.

Modern IT infrastructures must also be fortified against increasingly sophisticated security threats and support the highest levels of business continuity. The Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio provides enhanced ThinkShield security and IT resiliency through an additional isolation layer of immunity against unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Lenovo’s Modular Root of Trust helps protect, detect and recover from cyberattacks and digital compromises with bolstered tamper-detection and monitoring embedded into the chip design, while Lenovo System Guard ensures heightened security between manufacturing, delivery and deployment with advanced hardware monitoring.

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