Likee added new stickers to make dance moves more sizzling

Press Release:

The bond between short video platforms and social media enthusiasts is on the rise. To utilize the extra time in hand during the lockdown phase, many new users have not only started to engage but have become pro users of these platforms. Likee app that was launched in 2017 by Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pte Ltd is one such intuitive social media platform whose fondness among the Indian youth has grown by leaps and bound. The biggest attractions of Likee are the incredible filters and special effects. Every filter, sticker, and special effect that you see on Likee is backed with cutting-edge game engine technology that uses a real-time interactive image application process to offer the most innovative editing features. With dance as a popular category of videos, here are some new Likee Magic stickers that can make your dance videos more exciting:

Rainbow edge: This beautiful sticker wraps the silhouette of your body with a vibrant rainbow. The rainbow corresponds with every move you make, fast or slow. It gives a grandeur feel to your overall performance that is sure to sway your followers. Try this sticker to stand apart from other dancers and make your video unique. You can also make this sticker work on duet performance to make it more appealing and wondrous. With Rainbow edge, make your videos look straight out of a fairy-tale!

Glitch-2: Are you a Matrix fan? Then this fantastic sticker is a perfect fit for you. It allows you to make videos with intentional glitches as if you are in another digital world! Glitch-2 is also fantastic for varied dance mood styles – slow, fast, happy, sad and so on. Well, if you are an avid creator here is an idea- Get into a retro dress, apply black and white filter along with Glitch-2 and voila! You have just created a dance video that seems to belong to another century.

Tear Screen: This sticker is a classic idea with a digital twist. Once applied the screen looks like a torn paper, revealing the users from underneath. It has a glossy touch and creators have two spaces – dark and light. You can utilize these spaces creatively and add a bit of gameplay while dancing to create the stimulating effect! The screen allows you to play hide-and-seek with the online audience. You can take over the lit space to reveal your ultimate moves and resume to the dark area as the beat drops.

Color switch: A simple but very powerful sticker! Colour switch enhance your dance moves with multiple colours taking over frequently. A perfect disco theme! This sticker has become quite famous on the platform across the globe.

To avail these stickers, simply tap on the record button and tap on sticker icon, which is a smiley face emoticon towards the left, bottom. It will display a vast option of stickers, and you can tap on the ‘Latest’ section to select these newly launched stickers.

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