Log 9 Materials Deploys Custom-made CoronaOven

Press release:

Bengaluru/New Delhi, 22nd June 2020: Log 9 Materials, a Bengaluru-headquartered clean-tech start-up has collaborated with Bangalore International Airport Limited or BIAL (the main operating body of the Bangalore Airport) to deploy advanced and customized versions of its latest UV disinfection product CoronaOven at various strategic locations within the premises of Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. The objective of this deployment is to ensure the safety and well-being of the passengers and airport personnel through flash sterilization/disinfection of the conveyor belts, baggage, trolleys and various other objects of regular use at the airport, particularly in the wake of the continued threat of the Covid-19 health crisis.

CoronaOven is a scientifically-designed UV-C chamber that effectively disinfects surfaces from the COVID-19 virus, bacteria, and any other types of germs or pathogens. The product, which was originally launched as a small, lightweight oven to sanitize groceries, food items, masks, etc., is now being customized into multiple sizes and configurations to meet the custom requirements of various clients and/or centers of deployment.

Notably, it is the only UV disinfection brand in the market that has achieved multiple certifications to its credit (including certifications from the laboratories of ICMR-empanelled CSIR-CSIO, IISC Bangalore, etc.), and the CoronaOven product line has also been co-branded with Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. Among early adopters and customers of CoronaOven are government bodies like NITI Aayog, Karnataka Police, and several reputed private and public hospitals based out of Bengaluru and other cities.

Speaking about the airport deployment initiative and the way forward for ‘CoronaOven’ products, Mr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials says, “Log 9 is committed to bringing scientific and safe solutions to stimulate India’s collective fight against COVID-19, and the latest deployment done by our team at the Bangalore Airport is a big step in that direction. Given the current situation pertaining to Covid-19, it has become imperative for airports and other key public spaces to maintain sanitization and hygiene standards of the highest levels, in order to ensure that the masses do not get infected. To this end, Log 9’s science-backed range of customized CoronaOven products can go a long way in preventing surface-to-human transmission in the days and months to come. We are currently in talks with various other airport authorities across different cities to design and deploy similar types of solutions that enable quick and reliable sanitization of surfaces and thus provide protection against the dreaded virus.”

The Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, which is the 3rd busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic in our country, had resumed operations May 25th onwards, after the lockdown restrictions were relaxed. Hereafter, the airport authorities introduced an array of safety measures to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic; one of the latest of these preventive measures is the placement of CoronaOven-branded UV disinfection systems.

Below mentioned is an overview of the various CoronaOven variants deployed by Log 9 inside the Bangalore Airport (including their features and working mechanism, use case/functionalities, etc.):

CoronaOven Conveyor – has been designed to complement the previously existing, independent conveyor belts at the airport and also as a standalone passenger baggage disinfection system. It ensures a continuous flow of UV-C light for uninterrupted sterilization of luggage bags, etc, along the conveyor.

CoronaOven Tunnel

CoronaOven Tunnel has been designed to sanitize a batch of airport trolleys via safe and efficient UV sterilization; around 8-9 trolleys can be disinfected at once using this product in 2 mins. The powerful UV-C lamp configuration inside the Tunnel disinfects trolleys from 360-degrees within two minutes. Furthermore, it comes with multi-layer UV protection and the team is developing UV sensors that would track the sanitization status of each trolley (placed within the tunnel).

UV Tunnel 1 min
UV Tunnel 1 min

CoronaOven HandRail is designed to sanitize the handrails of an escalator while it is being actively used (on-the-go); it ensures that a person’s hands do not get infected even when he/she touches the handrail surface during the journey. The top-attachable design ensures that it can be attached to an existing escalator handrail without making any structural changes whatsoever.

CoronaOven HandRail

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