LogMeIn’s Rescue Live Guide Adds Video and Voice Capabilities

New Delhi – June 3rd, 2021 – LogMeIn, Inc. a leader in empowering the work-from-anywhere era with solutions such as GoTo, LastPass, and Rescue, today announced its Rescue Live Guide product has incorporated both two-way video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calling capabilities to its innovative co-browse functionality.

Rescue Live Guide offers businesses unparalleled flexibility that doesn’t place limits on where and how users can co-browse. It allows co-browsing on any browser, any device, and any digital property, so an organization can support its customers no matter where they are in their customer journey. The addition of video and voice capabilities to Live Guide means business owners can deploy more robust, tailored, virtual support to guide their customers through products and services easily from virtually anywhere in real-time. Rescue Live Guide combines the ultimate levels of flexibility and security and can be deployed code-free, so agents can start co-browsing instantly, on any site, without making website changes. This allows businesses to see an immediate ROI.

“The events of the last 18 months have forced companies to invest in digital engagement capabilities, and customers are rapidly adopting these new virtual options, which improve communications and lower customer effort,” said John Ragsdale, Distinguished Vice President of Technology Research, TSIA. “Customer’s desire to use an engagement tool like video chat is accelerating, rapidly. According to TSIA’s 2021 Channel Preference Study, 55% of respondents in North America said they preferred or occasionally used video chat, up from 28% last year.”

LogMeIn has added these features in response to evolving customer expectations for elevated digital support experiences due to the change in engagement habits that arose during the global pandemic. By incorporating two-way video and voice capabilities into Rescue Live Guide, the company is coupling digital collaboration via co-browse with voice and video support that creates a much more intimate and personalized experience in a virtual setting. This gives companies the ability to replicate or even replace in-person experiences with their customers through the technology. This level of engagement can impact the entire customer journey – increasing sales conversions, elevating onboarding, and simplifying support. This technology also works across industries and use cases – from having sensitive financial discussions, informing considered purchases, walking through complicated apps or online accounts.

“Delivering voice and two-way video co-browsing capabilities elevate the already powerful experience businesses have been providing with Rescue Live Guide,” said Dave Campbell, Vice President of Products, LogMeIn. “Customers have been gravitating towards more in-depth virtual interactions with support and sales teams, and the COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated this trend. Companies are under pressure to enable virtual experiences for customers and the scope of these experiences is deepening, so the propensity for virtual interactions is likely to continue, even after the crisis ends. This enhancement to Rescue Live Guide addresses many requests we have received to couple co-browse with video chat, creating a true ‘show-and-tell’ experience. The new feature will improve Live Guide’s usability as companies and their employees are working and interacting remotely and enable them to engage more effectively from anywhere, while providing a more personalized interaction.”



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