Meet your New Virtual Accountant and CFO – Keeping Your Account

Ahmedabad, September 2021: Launching today, Keeping Your Account (KYA) is the new virtual accounting, tax, and advisory service for USA-based and Indian clients founded by young entrepreneur, Jay Desai who is also the Vice President of SNDJ Consultants Pvt Ltd and SNDJ Group. The firm is designed to function as an online accountant and a virtual CFO, tailor-made for the specific accounting needs of clients and organizations. The accounts will be managed through cloud-based software like Tally, QB, Sage, and others that offer clients easy and day-to-day access to their accounts. The firm also provides Remote Staff Services to clients who have limited requirements and don’t require a full-time CFO, as a virtual CFO.

The services will be provided by a team of experienced Chartered Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Return Preparers who will ensure the quality and accuracy in every advisory, accounting, tax, and financial requirement of individual clients, small businesses, start-ups, and organizations.

The firm’s main USP is the empowerment of women and providing employment opportunities to experienced accountants or financial experts who have familial or social commitments which hinder them from seeking employment elsewhere. The team is comprised of mostly female accountants who are unable to accept the responsibility of full-time jobs. The employees have the freedom to work part-time or on a freelance basis without compromising on the quality assured to the clients. KYA currently employees 12 Chartered Accountants, 2 CPAs, and 5 Tax Return Preparers who handle more than 80 client assignments.

The firm offers many perks to their clients like no accounting software licensing cost, cost-effective virtual communication and data management, complete privacy and control of account activity and records, 24×7 helpdesk support, and data backup.

“Our motive is to provide small businesses with an automated, hassle-free, paperless, and pocket-accounting platform that can be operated from anywhere,” says founder, Jay Desai.


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