MOCA Technology is geared to achieve a record growth in the year 2022

New Delhi, 7th April 2022: Staying bullish about the Indian and Southeast Asian (S.E.A) market’s burgeoning advertising spending on OTT and short-video platforms; Global OEM consolidator & AD innovator MOCA Technology is gearing to achieve record growth in the year 2022.  Setting an ambitious target with staggering momentum, MOCA has onboarded multiple premium partners in the category of a short video, OTT, music, cartoon, beauty, Appstore, etc. in the last year. Riding high on the back of the creator’s economy and OTT platforms’ unprecedented success in India and other S.E.A markets over the last 3-4 years, MOCA is aggressively adjusting its solution and inventory to match this surging trend.

‘The growth of the creator economy that reached a whopping $13.8 billion in 2021 and, is expected to grow at a 25% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), is underpinned by the shift in media consumption, says Vishal Singh, India GM & Global Commercial, VP, MOCA Technology Limited. ‘The loosening hold of traditional media, due to consumer’s migration to OTT, social & digital formats, advertisers are ready to place their bets high on a niche and emerging media and/or content platforms including a short video, OTT, music, cartoon apps, etc. Generating brand stories and revenue via the voices of influencers, hot drama, music on billboards, and virtual characters, the demand for brand-friendly solutions is on a significant rise, and this trend has made them relevant to the marketers’, he continues. 

The popularity of ‘short-video apps’ in S.E.A markets is well exemplified by the vast user base they have accrued in the last few years. Players like Tiktok and SnackVideo, have reached more than 100m users. OTT is a fast emerging platform with a huge user base shifted from traditional TV. WeTV, the top 1 hot OTT platform with exclusive original local drama and Video, is the number one local OTT platform with the biggest user base and strong sports content in Indonesia. These are all a testimony to the swelling trend. Furthermore, short-form content has grown 1.37x in terms of the monthly active user (MAU) and 1.1x in terms of daily active users from June 2020, alone. 

“Today’s youth is looking at these platforms for recommendations and updates. By replacing search engines, these short-video platforms, are finding resonance amongst peers for everything that is trending and relevant,” adds Gavin Zheng, Global Commercialization, VP  of SnackVideo

‘Be it styling, fitness, health, financial advice, online learning or tutorials, short-video users are spending an average daily time of 80-90 minutes on mobiles, of this, they are accessing short-video apps at least 10 times a day to consume their dose of content at regular intervals’, he elucidates further. 

“Opening a plethora of avenues for branding, new emerging platforms such as OEM, OTT or even App-Store marketing are working as a great opportunity for marketers to unleash precision and go for laser sharp, targeted advertising. Our association with Moca has been a rewarding one, as the agency has collaborations across global publishers, we have been able to build great inventory with their support. In a few Southeast Asian markets, Moca has helped us a great deal in acquiring new users from across geographies and with cost-effectiveness!” exclaims, Aakash Goyal, AVP – Marketing, GoMechanic 

Such a rising interest in these platforms, has also led to consumers using these video-platforms, as a pedestal to showcase their talent and monetize. Moreover, consumers become loyal to a brand when they feel emotionally connected to it. With an authentic narrative, a company can win the trust and loyalty of the public.  The partnership between SnackVideo and MOCA is all set to bring effective and reliable innovative ad opportunities for its advertising clients.  

According to Media Partners Asia, weekly average minutes viewed on OTT HAVE GONE UP BY 60% during the lockdown. This upward trend has prompted some of the biggest media and web giants like Tencent’s WeTV to step up its presence in Asia and initiate strategic investments in other OTT players. 

Out of the $27 billion Indian Media & Entertainment industry, OTT has a market share of 7-9% and by 2030, this is expected to increase to 22%-25%. Another model of ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) is growing rapidly in India and other S.E.A markets. New hybrid models are also emerging, where consumers are accepting a low subscription fee with some ads. According to a recent Brightcove research, 51% of Asian consumers prefer to pay no fee and watch ads or pay a low fee for fewer ads.

Mobile phones that remain the primary source of OTT consumption offer an even more significant benefit to the advertisers and streaming platforms as mobile users are highly engaged and focused viewers. Campaign measurability, success, and optimization are all driven by data analytics in the case of app-based OTT which makes it a strong and inevitable choice for brand marketers. 

For 2022, MOCA has an aggressive growth plan and focus on markets across the S.E.A region, since the streaming video market is experiencing a tremendous explosion and platform owners from all corners of the media, telecom, and broadcast world are making big investment bets. The global pandemic has further accelerated the growth and consumers have fully embraced OTT in these markets. Working across the geographies of India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China, MOCA Technology has made its recent foray into Malaysian and Singaporean markets. Listening and creating tailor-made solutions for its clients aka advertisers, MOCA has emerged as a reliable and preferred partner to advertisers, especially providing solutions for in-app mobile/smartphone advertising, Envisioning becoming the ‘best in business’. MOCA has been rapidly growing and a number of amazing feats were achieved in 2021 and is looking at 2022, as the year of improved efficiencies and effective communications, across all OEM and top publishers. 

Endeavouring to create a reach amongst the advertisers/brands and their target audiences MOCA’s consistent efforts are to position brands on the top-of-mind recall of its consumers. Befitting solutions towards advertisers’ objectives, brand reach, campaign effectiveness, budget allocation, or resource optimization, every solution crafted by MOCA is designed on a one-on-one requirement basis.

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