Mogi – AI enabled Video tech start-up, let companies launch OTT video app in 24 hours

The company introduces white label solution with disruptive model – charges No Upfront Payment, only pay per use based on hours of content streamed

 New Delhi, June 2020: Amidst lockdown, there has been a massive increase in digital video consumption. Also, there is a greater demand for quality content on OTT platforms. The OTT market has been dominated by a handful of large, well -funded players such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, however, going forward there is an increasing trend of vernacular & long-tail content becoming hugely popular and would lead to emergence of thousands of OTT platforms catering to the tastes, preferences of different audiences & niches. In view of this trend, Mogi, AI enabled Video tech startup is empowering content & edtech companies to launch branded OTT app in 24 hrs. With Mogi’s white label solution content companies can launch their branded app & start monetizing via subscription or ad revenue streams

Commenting on the announcement, Vikrant Khanna, Co-founder, and CEO of Mogi said “Mogi is a cutting edge, AI-based video tech startup that has the vision to be a catalyst in this process and democratize the OTT industry, with the launch of our white label OTT solution we wish to empower companies that are creating content to start monetizing it by launching their own branded app in just 24 hours. The best part is there is no upfront cost for it, they can simply pay per use ie. based on the number of hours of content they stream. We are already finding tremendous interest across content genres such as media, entertainment, sports, religion, education & training, not just from India but the overseas markets as well”

Mogi’s solution has 3 layers. First, the market-facing layer has the mobile app which has the functionalities of a classic OTT video app with all the bells & whistles that a user expects from a world-class OTT video app. The second layer comprises a web-based portal for content management, tagging, subscriber management & video analytics. While the third & last layer has the complete video infrastructure to deliver a seamless video viewing experience to the end-user

Rahul Lahoria, Co-founder and CTO further added. “Serving videos today is a complex operation. There are multiple moving parts, from transcoding (compression) to managing Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) for transferring & caching videos, video player integration & video analytics. Besides the complexity, the cost of managing the above operation turns out to be very high. Mogi’s OTT solution not only manages the entire video delivery operation end to end but also leverages its next-generation technology to deliver it at a 50% saving to the video platform

Global OTT services market was estimated to be at USD 82Bnin 2019 & is expected to reach USD 180 Bn by 2025growing at 14.3% CAGR. In India OTT market is still in its infancy at USD 303 Mn in 2018, but is expected to reach USD 5 Bn by 2023


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