MyShubhLife introduces the next-generation SaaS-based Fintech operating system

Bengaluru, 6th December 2022: MyShubhLife, India’s digital lending and full-stack financial service & saving platform, introduces its end-to-end API & SaaS-based integrated platform to run an entire lending business digitally. The suite facilitates different facets of lending, including Onboarding (Digital Identity & KYC), Loan Management, Debt management (collections), operations, and access to consumption platforms (Cards, UPI, etc.). The technology stack meets the RBI’s digital lending criteria.

The platform includes 12+ services across four different sub-modules, award-winning Credit & Underwriting, Embedded Sourcing, Documentation Compliance, and Loan Management, and the whole gamut of Lending requirements onto a single platform. The scalable, flexible, and robust technology platform empowers lenders to reduce their time to market, service their customers and monitor their loan portfolios, all while reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

With this, MyShubhLife is opening its core technology to the ecosystem to enable lenders to launch digital lending products digitally rapidly.

Explaining the strategic intent behind this approach, Rahul Sekar, Chief Technology Officer of MyShubhLife said, “Over the last six years, MyShubhLife has been the trusted partner to several enterprises and Banks. We’ve been investing in technology to create interesting lending-related tech modules. Consider our Credit underwriting module and sophisticated credit engine, which are outfitted with cutting-edge technologies, analytics, and disruptive tools such as AI and machine learning, allowing us to complete more tasks in less time and with greater accuracy than a legacy loan management system.

MyShubhLife’s architecture is built on scalable technology and modular infrastructure, making it easier and faster to implement and integrate our platform with any lender’s existing technology infrastructure. Our product development team has created 25+ configuration parameters that can be used to customize hundreds of loan journeys and products. The scope ranges from secured home loans to unsecured daily installment loans and overdraft accounts. We will stay true to our vision and continue to add new APIs because we believe that a pre-integrated platform puts lenders miles ahead of the competition.”

“MyShubhLife’s truly modern platform enables digital lenders to focus on their core lending business, with access to the latest acquisition, underwriting technologies, ready-made loan servicing software, and portfolio benchmarking. With the power of these integrations built in, we believe that MyShubhLife has emerged truly as the ‘Tech’ of the Fintech Ecosystem.” he further adds.

MyShubhLife operating system empowers marketplace lenders to bypass costly tech buildouts, minimize IT infrastructure, and accelerate growth. The company has already started running pilots across four cohorts of customers, including Banks, Fintechs, large technology companies with lending ambitions, and traditional lenders.

MyShubhLife aims to account for 50% of its total revenue on Lending API Infrastructure within the next 12 months.

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