NoBrokerHood Launches Touchless Entry with face recognition system for societies

Press release: Touchless Entry is designed to upgrade security for society residents the latest feature also helps maintain zero contact

NoBrokerHood, the visitor and society management app by brings the reel life experience to real life with its latest launch, Touchless Entry with facial recognition technology. Touchless Entry is designed to enhance the safety, security, and convenience of residents in building societies. The company has used the latest technology and adapted it to give the users a truly fool proof, intuitive, and no-contact experience using the NoBrokerHood app.

The tech-driven company continues its focus on bringing the technology of the future to your home. Touchless Entry starts with a Face Capture and your ‘Daily Help’ or servicemen will be added to the app. Here, 3 scans are taken of the person’s face – Left, Right and Centre to ensure high accuracy. This is a one-time process that takes less than 30 seconds.

Once the individual is added, every time they enter after that they will just have to face the guard’s mobile phone camera for a millisecond. Touchless Entry is fool proof and can process 5 faces in less than a second! Once the scan is done and matches with the records the entry is automatically approved. This is much more secure and faster process than any other technology available till now.

All the information including face scans are 100% safe and secure. The feature is centred around user’s security. It is not a third-party application which means, it’s completely made in India, by NoBroker, and data is not shared ANYWHERE or with ANYONE.

The face scanning and processing happens on the guard app in the device itself. Very minimal information is transferred and exchanged to the backend. The information saved is an encrypted representation of a face, and NOT an image of a face. There is no way to recreate a face using this high-level encrypted information.

Akhil Gupta, Cofounder and CTO of NoBroker said, “We noticed that the entries and attendance done for domestic help, and service staff, was done through two methods – Passcodes and Fingerprint scans (biometric). When you use the passcode method to monitor entry, there is a possibility that others can gain entry by proxy. They could use someone else’s passcode and enter your building society. To fix this issue, fingerprint scanning was introduced. This method is fool-proof and eliminates the possibility of proxy entries. But, when COVID-19 is causing chaos, we wanted to find a way to eliminate touch, without diminishing security. This technology meant to revolutionise the home security system was built completely inhouse.”

Societies that are already using NoBrokerHood can request a trial of this feature today! The company is rolling it out to a few select societies for FREE for a limited period. If you want to try it just sign up for NoBrokerHood and you too might get to try it for FREE.


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