NWORX launches NWORX3 to amp up Employee Productivity

Bangalore: NWORX – the B2B SaaS platform that embeds productivity enhancement & professional development into everyday work, has recently released ‘NWORX3’ – the first of its kind technology that enables employee excellence and productivity enhancement at a scale in small and large organizations. NWORX3 radical expands on the capabilities of its existing NWORX platform.

In the present volatile, uncertain, and competitive business landscape, organizations are exploring ways to enhance dynamic functional and managerial capabilities as well as the effectiveness of every individual. The existing NWORX platform has several solutions to embed capability development in the real-time business context. With NWORX3, the company has launched a new avatar of this flagship product as a creator platform to be used by any corporate training team or a professional development service provider to set up their solutions and deliver them as powerful experiences to their target audience.

Commenting on the release of NWORX3, Hariraj, CEO of NWORX said, “Organizations rely on constant upskilling to remain relevant in the present business landscape. To empower organizations with a high-performing workforce and leadership, we have released NWORX3. We are excited to enable all professional development providers to offer digitally enhanced program experiences to employees at their enterprise clients, on NWORX3.”.

Shwetal, COO at NWORX added, “NWORX3 is a rising tide. We expect our fellow service providers in the productivity enhancement and corporate training ecosystem to be able to leverage our platform to scale up their services with their enterprise clients.”.

Through its versatile Engagement Studio software, NWORX3 opens the NWORX professional development engine as a productivity platform to experts, coaches, service providers, and enterprises. It delivers a brand-new look and feels to the highly exciting and engaging experience of the NWORX platform.

To the professionals, NWORX3 offers AI-driven hyper-personalized, work-integrated and goal-oriented experience, designed by experts in Productivity management & Behavioural sciences. Integrated with OKR and HR systems, the platform helps professionals choose program journeys based on practical experiences. It is customizable for various jobs and roles and configurable for any given business context.

NWORX3 is a solution for professional, managerial, and leadership excellence & performance for organizations that demonstrate impact within a few weeks.

The platform supports a broad range of productivity & performance solutions such as first-time manager readiness, hiring manager certification, sales transformation enablement, high-performance culture building, and diverse workforce enablement.

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