Ovez Khan, Group CEO and Founder, Trivium Media Group- Profile

Mr. Ovez Khan incepted Trivium Media Group 8 years ago, circa 2012 along with its sister companies, spanning the entire bandwidth of any services an entity or individual would require, covering the expanse of Advertising, Public Relations, Branding, Creative & Design Management, Production, Influencer & Celebrity Outreach along with being one of the few companies partaking in Alliances, Liaisons, and Affiliate Projects.

A proficient master of the Fortune 500’s, including but not limited to Mudra, Percept, Lodestar Universal, Aegis Media, and even Star TV Network, he has an everlasting entrepreneurial spirit and his variety of functions within and outside his company has allowed him to hone numerous talents with a vast range of understanding. Following a succession of roles as an Executive Director, CEO, Group President, and Country Head, of some of the most renowned brands within the advertising industry, he possesses an extremely strong domain knowledge on integrated marketing as a ‘Chief Brand Strategist’ across multiple industries and categories.

Ovez Khan, Group CEO and Founder, Trivium Media Group
Ovez Khan, Group CEO and Founder, Trivium Media Group

In 2012, Mr. Khan decided to turn his back on the safety net of the industry he has been a part of for more than 26 years and ventured out of his safeguarded environment to fulfill his passion for being an entrepreneur. He began ‘Trivium Media Group’ as a venture, to build up his own ‘baby’ so to say, with all the formidable experience he garnered throughout his time within the industry.

Through his tenure, he uses differing approaches, not coinciding with the ‘mogul ideology’ that other companies adopt. Mr. Khan believes in providing each of his clients with a personalized approach, paying obsessive attention to detail, and staying in the loop of all occurrences and happenings, using an all-inclusive approach. He also uses mannerisms where he handpicks his clients and the individuals he wants to work with, based on the categorial interest as well as the ethics and morals of the individuals involved.

Mr. Khan is a specialist in a few rare functionalities, that add to his credits tremendously. He has planned, managed, and launched over 500 brands as well as thousands of products across multiple sectors and categories which he specializes in. Mr. Khan is well known for his steady growth rate in building and enhancing images of brands. He also partakes in various forms of alliances, a ‘marriage of two entities, creating a powerhouse’ as he terms it.

Proficient in Brand and Communication Management, Strategic Planning, Brand Leadership across expanses of categories, Strategic Consulting and Advisory, Advertising functions across leading markets in APAC and EMEA, he shuttles between the Indian, UAE, and North American market for his practices.

Today, he is responsible for a totality of 8 companies, and his variegated talent allows him to be an active participant in activities spanning from the financial and IT sector, to branding and visualization. The expanse of these categories served by Trivium and their neighboring companies is a vast field to play in. They consist of Fashion, Retail, Lifestyle, Textile, IT, Real Estate, Hospitality, AgriTech, Architecture and Interior Designing, Fintech, Consumer Products and FMCG’s, Energy, and Utilities, Education and others as well.

Some of the renowned brands that Mr. Khan has worked and is working closely with and managing are Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, BMW, Air France, Emirates, Damac, Asian Paints, Tanishq, Allen Solly, Radisson Blu, numerous IHG properties, Brahma Corp, and various others.

Mr. Khan looks forward to growing Trivium and his additional companies, furthermore, expanding into various other categories and explorations. A jack of many trades and a master of all, Mr. Khan seeks to dominate every industry that sparks his interest.

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