Pebble unveils premium Spectra Pro & Vision smartwatch

New Delhi, 20th Feb 2023– Pebble has launched two ultra-premium smartwatches – Spectra Pro and Vision – that are the perfect combination of good looks, and utility. While Spectra Pro sports a round AMOLED screen of 1.43”, Vision makes it a notch more magnanimous with a high-resolution rectangular 2.05” display.

Both Spectra Pro and Vision are premium smartwatches powered by Realtek Chipset and boast an upgraded Health Suite with interchangeable straps that cater to health-conscious fashionistas. Spectra Pro can be yours for Rs. 4999 and Vision can be bought at Rs. 3599.

The wearables are exclusively available at the nearest mobile stores for the users to get a feel of them, and also at

Pebble’s Co-Founder Komal Agarwal said, “Over the years Pebble has grown while relentlessly striving to elevate the lifestyle of new & young India. Keeping the various needs and wants of the current generation in mind, we have tried to usher in a culture that is forthcoming yet satiating. While each of our products is engineered to enhance one’s modern lifestyle, we have simultaneously encouraged all to skip hustle culture and live a life with Zen Mode on. Keeping the same intact, our newest Pebbles allow users to have a smooth experience while going through everyday life. Built for young India, the smartwatches are especially for those who multi-task like a pro, and want their gadgets to enable them to reach their targets while maintaining their peace and calm.”

Pebble Spectra Pro and Vision min

Spectra Pro – Luxury in every step

This premium round BT Calling smartwatch has a screen size of 1.43”, and this largest in-segment AMOLED screen ensures a bright HD display that is Always ON with 600 Nits Brightness.

This round-dial smartwatch has a premium metallic casing, with a rotating crown that adds to the elegance of the timepiece.

It has Advanced Health Monitoring that includes a dedicated SpO2 sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, Stress Monitor, Sleep Monitor, and the dedicated Pebble Zen Mode. It also has Multiple Sports Modes for sports enthusiasts.

For an advanced calling experience, it has an inbuilt Speaker, Mic, and dial pad, whereas the Voice Assistant helps you to maneuver smoothly through various functions with a simple command.

Available in Midnight Gold, Evening Grey, Jet Black, and Moonlit Grey colors, it also has multiple vibrant watch faces which can be matched with your mood or OOTD.

Pebble Vision – Broaden your horizon

This rectangular BT Calling smartwatch comes in a premium metal alloy casing, with a rotatable crown and curved glass edges for an ultra-smooth look.

Truly the one to broaden the horizon, the whopping screen size of 2.05” is the largest in the segment. This Ultra HD Display has 600 Nits Brightness for a superior visual feel.

With advanced Bluetooth Calling and an inbuilt Speakerphone, it provides Quick shortcuts to the keypad, recent logs, and all the useful features. The smart wearable has precise and accurate sensors namely- Pedometer, Health monitoring that includes the Zen Mode, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, SpO2 Monitor, and female health tracker.

Moreover, it has multi-Sports and Training Modes to ensure that your goals are met. It comes with 100+ watch faces and Premium interchangeable Silicone straps for the fashion-conscious. It is available in Jet Black, Forest Green, and Evening Blue colors.

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