PlayShifu Launches AI-Powered Product Line Tacto

India, November 23, 2021: Leading early learning toy brand, PlayShifu, has launched the first-ever phygital (physical+digital) board games Tacto with four innovative products Tacto Chess, Tacto Classics, Tacto Coding, and Tacto Laser that help merge essential skills with playtime. Built on innovative touch technology and AI, Tacto by PlayShifu turns your tablet into an interactive game where the player gets to use real figurines to drive the games on the screen.

Tacto is the third flagship line from PlayShifu–the innovators behind Orboot and Plugo–with all products focusing on building a full spectrum of 20 foundational skills through fun and interactive gameplay. With a global presence, the brand is carving a niche by going beyond STEM and STEAM, through the #PowerofPlay. In addition to its own website, PlayShifu sells in over 300 retail stores across India and aims to double its presence in the country, by the end of 2022.

PlayShifu Launches AI Powered Product Line Tacto

“Tacto series is one of our best innovations for making toy time interesting for the digital-first Gen Alpha. We took nostalgic board games and brought them to the 21st century using technology. We are beyond thrilled to launch the 4 Tacto products in India”, said co-founder and CEO, Vivek Goyal.

“We are manufacturing all our 3 product lines (Orboot, Plugo, Tacto) here in India to meet the growing demands for our innovative and educational products. With the launch of Tacto, and among other retail and online efforts, we aim to achieve 100% growth in sales in FY23 over FY22” added co-founder Dinesh Advani.

With real figurines and digital games, Tacto Chess offers the easiest way to learn chess with detailed learning modes, mini puzzles, and story-based themes. Tacto Coding makes learning visual for early learners through story-based games. Tacto Classics makes nostalgic board games like Checkers, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladders interesting and engaging for Gen Alpha. Tacto Laser encourages players to use principles of light like reflection and refraction to solve brain-teasing puzzles.

This highly anticipated and innovative Tacto line enables children as young as four to develop essential early learning skills like logical reasoning, problem-solving, strategic thinking, working memory, and more. The Tacto game sets are available on the PlayShifu website, Amazon, and multiple retail stores. Also, Hamleys India is featuring Tacto Coding as one of its Top 10 toys for December.

Each Tacto set is priced at INR 1,999 and comes with a unique set of figurines and anti-slip frames that hold your tablet securely. All four gaming sets are compatible with a range of tablets (iOS and Android) and work with the free Tacto app that has 3 or more story-based games with hundreds of levels for each product.


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