Purecise 100% Alkaline water stick ‘Alkaline-Pure’

9th February 2021, New Delhi: – Detoxification has become a topic of general interest in recent times. While people are indulging in ‘Detox Diets’ to eliminate toxins, faster weight loss, and improvement of overall well-being, there is no scientific evidence to support that these diets can help in weight loss or elimination of toxins. Also, the ingredients present in these diets can’t do anything that your body can’t do naturally. The best way to promote detoxification and weight loss is to improve your water intake. But when it comes to regular water from purifiers, their purification process kills most of the essential minerals and nutrients in it, while compromising pure water’s natural pH level. This problem can be resolved by adding those lost minerals and nutrients back to the water and restoring its pH balance, which can be done successfully with the help of alkaline water.

Purecise a 100% natural, vegan brand has come up with its natural Alkaline water stick ‘Alkaline-Pure’. The brand encourages sustainable living by providing the best nutritional benefits using the highest quality natural ingredients. Alkaline-Pure’s acid-fighting natural stones replenish all the essential minerals to your water and hydrate your body faster and more thoroughly compared to plain water.

Purecise 100 Alkaline water stick ‘Alkaline Pure
Purecise 100 Alkaline water stick ‘Alkaline Pure

According to the World Health Organization; minerals are absorbed 30% faster and easier from water than they are from food. Since, the human body comprises 70% water; consuming alkaline water can be extremely beneficial for the body. Numerous studies have proven that alkaline water is associated with weight loss and detoxification of the body because of its improved pH balance. It plays a vital role in preventing and reversing metabolic disorders. Drinking alkaline water can also help athletes perform and recover better as it improves their hydration process.

Commenting on this new launch, Mr. Vaibhav Garg, Clinical and Sports Nutritionist and Founder, Purecise said “Alkaline Pure is an ideal product in the current scenarios as it can be beneficial not just for detoxification and weight loss but also in preventing Covid and other flu as it improves our immune system. It also slows down the ageing and degeneration process of our body, providing a healthy natural glow with its long term consumption. Overall, our new offering is essential for proper functioning of the system, keeping the body fresh and active. ”

Purecise’s Alkaline-Pure can be consumed anytime and anywhere easily on the move. This 100% natural detox Alkaline Pure is priced at ₹1,560 and is available on Purecise’s website https://purecise.in/

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