Recordent Launches ‘CEO for One Day’ Program for its Employees

Hyderabad, 17th June 2022: Recordent, One of India’s first credit and payment reporting fintech platforms for SMEs, introduces the ‘CEO for One Day’ program, which will provide a chance for its employees to get the power to make an enduring choice for the company by being the CEO for just one day.

Terming the program as having ‘serious fun’, Recordent will encourage its employees to get a holistic understanding of the organization and its processes and goals. The employees will also get firsthand experience and insight into the abilities needed for leadership roles. Most of all, through the CEO for One Day program, they will get an edge to grow in the organization and in their career.

Speaking about the program, Winny Patro, CEO & Co-founder, Recordent said, “So many times, as employees, we think ‘if I was the CEO, I would change this, do that. We wanted to give our employees a real chance to be able to make a difference in the company. We are committed to nurturing a great workplace culture and through this program, selected candidates will get an opportunity to experience a bird’s eye view of the company. They can actually experience what it is like to affect change”.

“We do understand that employees may be apprehensive about taking on management & leadership responsibilities or, perhaps, even uninterested in doing so. However, a program like this benefits both, the individual and the company. It’s very important for employees with immense potential to learn to be a leader”, added Bhasker Shetty, Chief of Staff.

To enroll in the ‘CEO for One Day program’ Recordent employees will be required to attempt a few tests which evaluate their Reasoning, Situational judgment, and Personality fit for the role of the CEO.

Recordent will select one candidate per month as CEO for One Day. As part of the program, the CEO will exchange the role with the selected candidate. This also enables the CEO to experience the ground reality and working dynamics of the employees in the organization.

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