Redcliffe Lifetech introduces Mucormycosis Multiplex RT-PCR Test

03/06/21, New Delhi: While India is still struggling with the second wave of Covid-19, a rare and invasive fungal infection with exceedingly high mortality Mucormycosis (commonly known as Black Fungus) has triggered an all-new health challenge in the country. More than 11,000 cases of black fungal infection have been reported from different parts, forcing state governments to declare it an epidemic. In order to help the Government in the diagnosis of Mucormycosis, Redcliffe Lifetech, a leading molecular diagnostics company has introduced a non-invasive (Serum/Fluid) RT-PCR Test to detect the DNA of Mucorales species. As a part of the diagnostic process, BAL samples will be used to directly detect the infection, with sample-to-result collection in less than 24 hours.

Redcliffe Lifetech through its innovative molecular diagnostic service will collect various samples for conducting RT-PCR Tests such as Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) samples, Biopsy samples, paraffin-embedded, Serum samples to detect the potential health disorder or diseases in people. The diagnosis of Mucormycosis will target Pan-Mucormycetes, Rhizopus spp., Mucor spp., Lichtheimis spp., Cunninghamella spp., Rhizomucor spp., Internal Control (IC).

Commenting on the announcement, Dheeraj Jain, Managing Director, Redcliffe Lifetech said, “We endeavor to assist the Government of India and the general public in combating this deadly infection with the most advanced approach. With the help of our technology, we can assist them in a timely diagnosis of Mucormycosis. This will undoubtedly aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.”

Mucormycosis is a rare invasive fungus that has a high mortality rate and few treatment options. The disease is caused by Mucorales, which is a large group of species within the order of zygomycetes.

Mucormycosis generally affects people with comorbid conditions taking immunosuppressant steroid medications to manage pre-existing illnesses as well as COVID-19, over an extended length of time or those with diabetes mellitus who are unable to keep blood sugar levels within the normal range. It also believed that being treated in the Intensive Care Unit i.e. ICU wing of hospitals for a prolonged interval of time. Having a vulnerable immune system that is weakened owing to comorbidities such as previous organ transplant surgeries or cancer therapy procedures or those already taking prescription antifungal drugs to combat infections are prone to get infected.

The company is pricing the test at Rs 7,000.


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