Retail Distribution and Solutions Company, Channelplay achieves growth of 23% in Q1’24

Delhi, 16th May 2024: Channelplay, a retail distribution and solutions company specializing in visual merchandising, witnessed a remarkable growth of 23% in Q1’24 YoY. The company encompassed its reach to over 1,25,000 stores for clients such as Xiaomi, Cheil, Whirlpool, Godrej, Kelvinator, Lava, and others. This growth underscores Channelplay’s unwavering commitment to leveraging technology and its mission of delivering real-time visibility across retail landscapes.

ChannelPlay expects to increase 40% growth YoY in 2024-25 by leveraging technology, adding new clients, and expanding its service offerings across diverse market segments.

“At Channelplay, our core focus is customer satisfaction and hence we strive to delight our customers by giving exceptional work.  Our relentless pursuit of high precision in execution and analytics enables us to not only deliver the intended customer experience across cities but also to optimize our clients’ spending on fabrication and printing. Visual merchandising is one of our core businesses and this quarter we witnessed significant growth – an increase in several clients and increased visibility in stores. Flaring with new ideas and thoughts, we have seen a huge difference in positioning brands’ visibility in stores. With this success and our experience, we are thriving to retain our existing clients and expecting to onboard new clients”, said Suhas Misraco-founder and co-CEO of Channelplay.

The company drives various strategies to create seamless execution of its visual merchandising services. It empowers marketing managers with unparalleled insights into the deployment of both soft and hard point-of-sale materials (POSM) across India. Esteemed brands such as Xiaomi, Whirlpool, Samsung, Lloyd, and others have entrusted Channelplay. With efficient planning, research, execution, and building real-time visibility, the company has managed to create significant productivity across clients.

One similar success story is visual merchandising for Polycab, one of India’s premier Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) brands. ChannelPlay executed a comprehensive digital signage strategy for Polycab, elevating its retail presence and enhancing customer interactions in 15+ states and 40+ locations across India. By seamlessly blending technology with creativity, Channelplay transformed Polycab’s retail spaces into dynamic hubs of information and engagement, driving brand awareness and customer loyalty.

“Our work for Polycab underscores our dedication to delivering impactful solutions that drive tangible results for our clients,” said Yasir Hussain, who leads the business at Channelplay Limited“Through our digital signage services, we empower brands to captivate audiences, deliver compelling messaging, and create memorable experiences that resonate long after the store visit.”

Similarly, Channelplay’s impact is reflected in the expansion of Whirlpool’s visual merchandising program where Whirlpool has doubled its reach in India with about 5000 outlets.

Delivering unparalleled results for its clients, Channelplay empowers brands to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and drive tangible business growth. Additionally, the key differentiator for Channelplay is its maintenance teams’ turnaround times for repairing faulty signage at retail locations. This commitment ensures that brands maintain a flawless presence in-store, enhancing their overall brand image and customer engagement.

As Channelplay continues to push the boundaries of visual merchandising excellence, it remains dedicated to driving innovation, fostering long-term partnerships, and delivering significant and measurable value to its clients.

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