ROKiT Studios Announces the Launch of Adventures of The Old Testament Game

India, August 23, 2022: ROKiT Studios announces the launch of their new game Adventures of the Old Testaments in India. This highly innovative game takes its inspiration from the history of The Bible. The fascinating and historically derived game will be simultaneously released for PC, MAC, iOS, and Android on August 31 with free monthly updates for users. Also, the console version will add new dimensions to the thrilling and immersive experience and is slated to launch this November 2022.

Adventures of the Old Testament captures the essence of the 39 books of the Old Testament through a number of quest-like levels, featuring over 80 episodes of biblical stories and scripture summarized into quick, easy-to-digest animations. The game aims to capture the trials, tribulations, and action-packed adventures of the Old Testament. It offers a full-fledged playable experience with real-time strategy and role-playing game mechanics that puts one in the shoes of some of history’s most famous characters. Additionally, the game features single-player and multiplayer mission modes, as well as an open world game mode.

Commenting on the launch, Jonathan Kendrick, Founder and Michael Soto,CEO, Rokit Studios said “While creating this unique game, the real challenge was to use a combination of animation and game play for converting most read books into a fun, easy-to-understand and engaging medium. The player will experience everything from the creation of the world to Moses fighting their way out of Egypt, David and Goliaths battle to Daniel in the lion’s den”.

“We are well-positioned to succeed with this title, owing to years of expertise and experience, and will be launching our next edition in 2023”, they said.

ROKiT Studios has contributed its technological skills to a number of philanthropic and humanitarian projects, including the construction of WiFi cities with mobile homes for the homeless in Austin, TX, as well as the development of DISKUSS, the market’s lowest-cost teletherapy application and partnered with former WWE champion Adam Scherr. As an indie studio, they have already released several popular youth-friendly games, most recently ‘Where’s Samantha?’ and ‘Dragon Caffi’, both of which are available on Nintendo SWITCH and STEAM.

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