Samsung patents a technology to reduce lens assembly

Samsung developed a technology to reduce lens assembly and applied for a patent. It is a technology that reduces the size of camera modules while maintaining or improving the performance of smartphone camera modules. Samsung explained that with the increase of camera modules in portable electronic devices such as smartphones, there has been a high demand for the miniaturization of portable electronic devices recently.

Generally speaking, the lens of the camera module is circular, and the image sensor of the camera module is rectangular. Therefore, all the light refracted by the lens does not form on the image sensor. Therefore, it may be considered to reduce the size of the lens by removing unnecessary parts from the lens, thereby reducing the size of the entire camera module. However, removing parts of the lens will reduce image quality. Samsung solved this problem by changing the length of the lenses and arranging multiple lenses.

Samsun Lens Moudle patent min

By applying this patented technology, the size of smartphone cameras can be significantly reduced. This patent is of great commercial value. For example, Samsung Electronics will install a 200-megapixel camera module in the flagship mobile phone S23 released early next year for the first time. If this patent can be used, the lens module will reduce the internal space of the mobile phone, allowing Mobile phones have also become smaller and lighter.

It is reported that Samsung is also working on developing a compact camera that can shoot at a long distance while developing a lens module that maintains a small size.

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