Secureye launches 2MP HD TVI Camera with Coaxial Audio

Secureye, one of India’s security and surveillance solution providers, has now introduced an innovative 2MP HD TVI Camera with Coaxial Audio. The all-new analog High Definition CCTV security camera supports up to 1080p video resolution and instead of two cables, just one cable is used to transmit audio reception. This assumes even more significance as while a single cable is normal for IP cameras, HD TVIs usually require two cables. The camera further comes equipped with automatic 3D DNR, wherein the digital noise reduction mechanism decreases picture noise and reduces errors with regard to color mixture. The aforementioned features make Secureye’s latest offering a state-of-the-art tool to ensure utmost security even during the night and in dimly lit regions.

The Secureye 2MP HD TVI Camera with coaxial audio is powered with a 3.6 mm HD lens with a focal length wide enough to cover more area. The cameras can detect up to 20-30 metres, thanks to its extended Infrared distance coverage. The most outstanding feature of this HD TVI camera is that it supports coaxial audio. Notably, a camera with coaxial audio has greater bandwidth, thereby supporting higher quality audio.

Referring to the new product, Secureye Director Mr. Manish Agarwal said, “While today we have wide range security and surveillance cameras like ones with infrared night vision, color night vision, motion detectors, etc, much headway is yet to be made in the segment. Our latest device is a bid to fill the existing gap when it comes to premium quality high-end security solutions.”

Secureye provides smart intelligent integrated security solutions for households, workplaces, and industrial setups. The company’s wide array of products include hi tech-powered entrance security solutions, integrated surveillance devices like 8 Megapixel CCTV Cameras, Wifi-surveillance cameras, and biometric attendance system. The brand was recently mentioned as one of the key Indian players driving the market in the video door phone segment.


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