Taboola Launches “Homepage For You” Artificial Intelligence Technology, Empowering Editors To Make Homepages

New Delhi, January 27, 2022 – Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they may like, today announced a new milestone for its publisher platform that adds A.I. to power editorial recommendations on publisher homepages, an offering already being used by some of the world’s leading digital properties.

Editors continue to produce quality journalism at a time when reader attention is in constant competition from social networks, apps, games, and other services. Homepage For You is a new capability that helps editors power their homepages, the most visited and prominent section of their website, to capture attention by leveraging Taboola’s advanced A.I. and proven recommendation platform–the same technology used by over 9,000 global publishers.

Homepage For You supplements editors’ existing ability, as always, to own and curate their homepage experiences with a new A.I. layer that surfaces content readers might find more relevant and personalized to their interests. With it, publishers can continue to maintain their editorial integrity and brand voice, while enabling readers to find more relevant content during every visit, resulting in increased readership and engagement.

Leading global publishers including McClatchy, The Independent, and Estado de Minas are among early partners leveraging Homepage For You to improve homepage click-through rate (CTR), page views, bounce rates, and more. In a beta test, publishers saw a 30% – 50% increase in CTR for homepage sections personalized by Taboola.

Homepage For You is part of Taboola Newsroom, an offering that provides unique insights, sourced from Taboola’s dataset of 500 million daily active users, which inform how to create more engaging content and discover new coverage areas that drive loyal readership. Homepage For You was built in collaboration with dozens of the world’s top publishers, based on feedback from working closely with editorial teams to understand their key priorities, concerns, and business drivers across nearly every market. It is also part of Taboola’s $100M annual investment in R&D, adding to Taboola’s comprehensive product offerings that help publishers thrive via increased engagement and revenue opportunities.

“With more than 89% of digital businesses investing in personalization, and social media platforms like TikTok using A.I. to engage younger audiences to discover videos, it’s clear that people love experiences made just for them,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola. “If you open up a social media app, you are greeted with content you really want to see. For publishers, the most loyal readers are those who visit a homepage directly and look for editors to tell them what’s important for them to know. Taboola should bring A.I. to every homepage in the world, and help drive reader loyalty. With our proven recommendation platform and A.I., coupled with the rest of our publisher offerings, we are taking a truly holistic approach to drive faster and bigger growth to the open web, and our publisher partners.”

“NDTV’s homepage reaches a large audience and therefore we are very deliberate in how we structure it,” said Kawaljit Singh Bedi, Chief Technology & Product Officer, NDTV Group. “Taboola’s technology has been unique in its ability to help us tailor content for our users, which increases engagement and gives our readers personalised content. We are also very impressed with how willing the Taboola team has been to work with our editorial teams to ensure all nuances of a large publisher are met.”

“As more people rely on our network of properties for news, we want to ensure all readers get the best experience, relevant for them. Coupling the vast expertise of our newsroom with a data-driven approach to personalizing our homepages, using Taboola’s advanced A.I. technology is going to be a game changer for us,” said Kristin Roberts, Senior Vice President for News, McClatchy.

“Taboola has been a true strategic partner in helping us grow,” said Christian Broughton, Managing Director, The Independent. “There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to audience engagement, and Taboola’s ability to power key areas of our homepage and other sections of our site, their huge amounts of readership data that provide actionable insights, and their valued partnership in working side-by-side with our own editorial team are the unique building blocks in our shared success.”

“When readers visit our homepage, they expect news that is interesting and catered to their interests,” said Mayara Souza, Head of Product and Marketing, Estado de Minas. “Historically, we have used our editorial processes to decide this, but as we have grown, we have turned to Taboola’s technology as a key component to personalize the experience. By doing this, we’ve promoted increased readership and a better overall experience.”

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