TagMango today announced the launch of their app to unlock revenue streams

New Delhi, 19 January 2021: The homegrown, creator monetization startup TagMango today announced the launch of their app further strengthening their mission of turning Indian creators into entrepreneurs, through sophisticated tools helping them scale communities and unlock revenue streams. Having already onboarded 3000+ organic creators in the soft launch, TagMango’s platform helps creators build engagement-driven communities to which their audiences and followers can subscribe, ensuring a regular brand-independent avenue to monetize for them.

The key features of the newly launched app are targeted at the growth and sustainability of the large creator base that India has seen growing immensely in a short span of time. The app launch comes offering benefits for both creators and consumers alike. Starting with creators, they can use this as a platform to build paid communities and strengthen their revenue streams, they have the freedom to put out exclusive content without having to worry about algorithms. The TagMango app also becomes the first platform for creators to set up paid workshops and courses for their fans and audiences. On the other hand, subscribers and audiences get to enjoy the exclusivity of content coming from their choice of creators, enroll for workshops, and to most of the fan base’s excitement, they can interact with their creators and enjoy a personal facetime with them by way of video calls, chat or conferences.

Mr. Divyanshu Damani & Mr. Mohammad Hasan, Founders, TagMango said, “The last few years have seen a deep internet penetration in India, especially in the Tier-II & III cities. Today, anyone with a smartphone has the opportunity to try their hands at becoming a creator and build their own revenue streams. With the growth in India’s creator base at such a large scale, there is an urgent need for platforms that enable them to build content that not only generates interest out of it to churn out content that entertains, informs but also empowers the creators to earn a sustained living. Our app is aimed to further expand our network of creators and foster a more seamless, technologically advanced, feature-laden, and interactive experience for creators to build their content business. We are looking forward to seeing the app become a go-to platform for India to create and consume content like never seen before”.

With a founding team that has successfully built their own individual following as creators, TagMango understands both the need-gaps that exist for Indian creators and what brands and audiences look for in their creators. Harnessing these insights and on-ground expertise they are targeting the next 500 million internet users of India. TagMango is on track to introduce the Indian creator ecosystem and brands to the power of communities and mobilize them through customized and hyperpersonal engagement.

Similar platforms in the west, namely Patreon and OnlyFans have already seen a huge audience, creator base usher in. According to Patreon (which artists use to offer exclusive content to more than 4 million patrons in over 180 countries) saw over 70,000 new creators have launched on the platform since mid-March 2020, they enjoy a presence of 1MN creators on the platform and get about 7000-8000 new content creators joining them each day. These figures and reports are testaments to the untapped potential of the Indian creator economy and monetization are highly credible. Having a platform that helps create such rewarding revenue models for creators, is what TagMango is working towards to build similar credibility and importance of such a model here in India.

An early adopter of the platform, Prakhar Gupta, a social commentator, cultural critic, and a shining public figure in the personal development domain used the TagMango to conduct a 3-day workshop named Decamind, that was aimed at helping the users develop a goal-setting, performance maximization and potential mapping tools to help an individual get ready for the new decade. The workshop was a great success with about 130 subscribers and in a span of 7 days of holding the workshop, Prakhar’s total earnings were standing close to INR 2 lakhs.

Talking about the experience and his workshop success, Prakhar said, “It was an absolutely incredible experience to hold the Decamind workshop on the TagMango platform. I was exposed to a large audience base that was also absolutely relevant for the theme of my workshop. I was amazed to see how seamlessly I could reach out to an audience base that was also looking for something similar and to watch yourself make an impact is priceless. Adding to the exposure, the model not only helped me generate interesting content but also led me to enjoy impressive revenue in just a span of 7 days”.

TagMango recently raised around INR 5.5 Crore/ USD 750K in a seed round funding led by Y Combinator, Kevin Lin (Co-founder of Twitch), XRM Media, Pioneer Fund, and Angel Investors from the USA & UAE province.

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