Taiwan Excellence and COMTECH INDIA join hands to hold an Online event, focusing on ICT and smart cities, suited for post-pandemic world

August 12: The world changed in March when the coronavirus started affecting every country across the globe. As uncertainty took hold of all aspects of life, event organizers were faced with limited options for their events: postpone, cancel or go digital.

Many found innovative ways to reach out to the audience by networking online instead of in-person. TAITRA, who implements the Taiwan Excellence project, has been one such organization that has consistently been offering cutting-edge solutions through its digital connect events.

This time, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) held a unique online product launch and business matchmaking event on August 12. The event aimed at fostering a connection between ICT suppliers from Taiwan and buyers from India as well as around the world. The event stood as an online extension for COMTECH INDIA 2020 – an ICT and smart city trade show from TAITRA that was originally scheduled to be held in September 2020.

COMTECH INDIA will focus on 4 themes, including network communication & IoT, smart city solutions, new technology from startups, e-sports & gaming equipment. However, considering the effects of the pandemic, TAITRA decided to postpone COMTECH INDIA 2020 to the second half of 2021 after extensive conversations with all the exhibitors and partners over recent weeks and months. The decision was based on rational thinking and a sense of responsibility towards the health and safety of participants and visitors.

With the postponement announced, TAITRA was keen to focus on the future which led to the idea of the online new product launch and business matchmaking event. With an inclusive and collaborative approach, the event aimed to provide a platform to brands who wished to connect and network with new distributors and vice versa. The event saw the participation of six of the most prominent Taiwan ICT companies demonstrating their capabilities and latest applications ready to be provided to the market. These brands include Advantech, Avision, Bintronic, Moxa, Lilin, and Synology. They all have invested in India or are interested in expanding to India by cooperating with local enterprises, setting up sales offices, R&D centers, or manufacturing bases.

The theme for the event was Smart City & ICT and Network Application. It covered discussions and sessions on a host of topics spanning IoT Embedded Solutions, Intelligent Traffic System, Total solution provider for city surveillance, Intelligent office solution, Surveillance solution Smart Home & Smart Curtains solution. The event concluded with a pre-arranged Online Business Matchmaking that focused on supporting the brands to develop networking opportunities.

This online event especially revolved around the theme Smart City & ICT and Network Application which has assumed increasing importance, especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries have been forced to rethink how they are living which has brought into focus the idea of smart cities that use advanced technologies to serve citizens. In a way, the pandemic has provided a new perspective on the way countries plan their infrastructure. There will now be a need to reinvent and refine smart city models to accommodate for uncertain situations. The pandemic has also shown how important technology is in terms of contactless deliveries, smart supply chains, a touch-free inspection of patients, remote working and learning culture, block-chain enabled citizen tracking system, etc.

Taiwan is known for its expertise in offering smart city solutions to projects in cities across the world. Taiwan Excellence has been working closely with the Government of India too for various projects like Smart Cities Mission, Make in India, Skills India, and Digital India. This event proved to be a seminal platform for leading Taiwanese brands to share their experiences and knowledge about smart solutions to help other countries bolster their smart infrastructure

Speaking about COMTECH INDIA, Mr. Walter Yeh, CEO of TAITRA said, “Developing a robust, resilient, and flexible recovery plan fit for a post-COVID world is the need of the hour now. We have to look at solutions that help us embrace change in order to build a more prosperous, sustainable, and dynamic future. While we decided to postpone COMTECH INDIA to a safer future time, we realized that we cannot leave a part of our market under-served. For those who are unable to travel to our events, the best way to serve them is online. So, we decided to hold the online event which has been a stupendous success. A hybrid format of digital and in-person events will become a permanent fixture in the post-pandemic world too.”

On the online event, Ms. Amelia W.J. Day, Secretary-General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA added, “The Covid-19 crisis has strengthened the need for smart solutions. It has presented an opportunity to rethink how cities are designed—and make them better equipped to stop the disease from spreading in the future. As cities begin to shift out of full lockdown, smart city tech is at the forefront of reopening plans, to ensure people maintain social distancing while returning to a ‘normal’ way of life. So, our theme for the online event Smart City & ICT and Network Application resonates best at this moment.”

Even as the pandemic ravaged most industries worldwide, Taiwan has continued with its efforts to simultaneously transform and upgrade its technology industry to adjust to the changes, aiming to work hand in hand with the international community amid and post COVID-19.

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