TechEagle launches “Medicine From the Sky” for the remotest terrain

India, December 2022: Just a few days post unveiling Asia’s First Drone Delivery Hub and Network in Meghalaya, TechEagle – the company enabling faster logistics to different corners of the country, in collaboration with the Government of Arunachal Pradesh and World Economic Forum via its Made in India solution, has today started their operations to enable “Medicines from the Sky” for the Lower Subansiri District for remotest hard to reach areas in Arunachal Pradesh.

The project is aimed at improving the lives of people as they have to trek for reaching particular remotest parts of the state, for the project TechEagle’s state-of-the-art drone delivery solution will ensure regular and consistent transportation of life-saving drugs and other emergency healthcare items to save and improve the lives of people residing in the hard-to-reach areas of the state.

TechEagle launches Medicine From the Sky for the remotest terrain

The project was flagged off by Shri Alo Libang – Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. The flight took off from Ziro Valley and transported the cargo to Chambang, covering an aerial distance of 31 km, which was covered by TechEagle’s Drone in just 21 minutes. Apparently, the time taken by a vehicle to travel between Ziro Valley to Chambang takes around 8 hours. TechEagle’s indigenously developed drone delivery solution transported the items around 24 times faster compared to ground transportation.

The drone took off from Ziro Valley with a payload of 1.5kg carrying Diclofenac tabs and Adrenaline Injection and on its return flight from Chambang to Ziro Valley, the drone carried blood samples for testing.

While launching the project, Shri Alo Libang – Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, mentioned “All the targets that they’ve set, have always been successful. Till date, all the trial landings and landings have been fruitful. I truly believe that this program will help the people of Arunachal Pradesh to live healthy life. I thank the local authorities for being a part of today’s auspicious opportunity. I can’t really express how delighted I am about this launch.”

Commenting on the launch, Anshu Abhishek, COO & Co-Founder of TechEagle said, “The “Medicines From the Sky” initiative is something which is very near to the hearts of people at TechEagle as the initiative is greatly aligned with our Vision of saving and improving billions of lives by the solution that we are building, also it is one of the initial projects that we have been part of in Telangana in 2021. Similar to how we have done it for the people residing in the remote parts of Arunachal Pradesh, we wish to do it for the other parts of the country with the support from all the stakeholders and provide universal access to healthcare items in the country”

Vignesh Santhanam, India Lead, Aerospace & Drones, World Economic Forum mentioned “This is a crucial breakthrough for the Medicine from the Sky initiative. We are now gathering a good amount of momentum as the initiative transcends geographies and scales up nationally. We are targeting a more nationalized initiative that can incorporate key principles from Arunachal Pradesh. The greater idea is to train our drones for unique scenarios – geopolitical, topographic, regulatory, and operational to ensure subsequent initiatives are comprehensive, safe, and replicable. Further, Made in India startups are using made in India drones to deliver medicines to the remotest of communities in the country.”

Prior to this, in 2021 TechEagle had successfully completed Asia’s first cold chain Vaccine delivery by Drones in the state of Telangana with the World Economic Forum’s- Medicine from the Sky Initiative.

The drones manufactured by TechEagle boast failsafe mechanisms. Each aircraft is loaded with tons of failsafe features such as Redundant communication systems, Redundant Propulsion Systems, Drizzle Proof, Dust Resistant, Obstacle Avoidance, Detect and Avoid, Ballistic Parachute, etc. to boost the safety of flight operations.

TechEagle is a pioneer and leader in Drone Delivery in India, it is building an AI/ 5G enabled drone delivery hub and spoke network to transform supply chain & last mile logistics deliveries agnostic to industries/sectors e.g. E-commerce, maritime, hyperlocal & healthcare industry, etc. All drones are autonomous and are managed through its proprietary cloud-based fleet management software system and an Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) software to operate them safely with other aircraft systems (manned & unmanned) in the same airspace.

Currently, TechEagle has inducted the “Vertiplane X3” drone which is the best-in-industry class. It is a hybrid drone, a fusion of fixed-wing and VTOL (Vertical Take Off Land).

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