Techurate Expands its Footprint with Full Acquisition of Techverse

Techurate Systems Pvt Ltd, a leading global Smart Banking technology company, has recently completed the acquisition of Techverve Systems Pvt Ltd. This strategic move strengthens Techurate’s position in the market by adding Techverve’s expertise in Core Banking solutions for Cooperative banks and Cooperative credit societies. The acquisition enables Techurate to offer a comprehensive suite of core and digital modules, positioning itself as a Truly Integrated Bank in the Box service provider.

Techverve, renowned for its flagship product Bankverve, has built a strong legacy by serving over 350 financial institutions in Karnataka, India. With this acquisition, Techurate expands its capabilities and becomes one of the few service providers with an Integrated Core and Digital banking platform. Under its flagship brand, Tigiverse, Techurate aims to address the financial inclusion challenges faced by institutions, both in India and in global markets, through innovative and disruptive solutions.

Harshaverdhan Pusala, CEO & MD of Techurate, expressed his excitement about the acquisition and the opportunities it brings. He stated, “We are thrilled to acquire Techverve, as it allows us to provide a comprehensive Lite Core Banking solution to Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks in India and worldwide. We can now offer solutions on both ON-PREM and SaaS models, leveraging the strong legacy of our core banking platform.”

This acquisition further enhances Techurate’s tech stack, solidifying its position as a leading provider of integrated core and digital banking solutions. With the ability to deliver services through both local On-Prem and cloud models, Techurate stands out as a key player in the Fintech industry.

Techurate’s vision extends to the cooperative banking sector in India, where it aspires to become a dominant player. Backed by the versatile and innovative Tigiverse Digital platform, as well as a comprehensive and cost-effective core banking solution, Techurate is confident in expanding its financial inclusion footprint. The acquisition grants access to over 250 small cooperative and credit societies in Karnataka, bolstering Techurate’s performance track record and legacy.

Mr. Padma Prasada, Executive Director of Techverve, expressed his optimism about the association, stating, “Techurate has been a strong alliance partner for years. We are delighted to see this partnership deepen and expand our solution’s reach in India and world markets.”

As Techurate pushes forward with its Aggregation service delivery model for the Indian Cooperative Banking sector, drawing from its experience in key African markets, it aims to accelerate growth and drive positive change in the industry. The acquisition marks an important milestone in Techurate’s journey, solidifying its position as a leader in the market and paving the way for future success.

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