Techurate partners with SecurEyes to make a foray in US

Techurate Systems Pvt Ltd, a Global Smart Banking technology company, is all set to explore the developed US market with SecurEyes. This internationally acclaimed cyber security firm combines strategic domain-specific expertise with top tech products and services besides a hyper-agile delivery framework. Both domain experts are participating in the prestigious Central Banking Event taking place on 8-9 November in Saint Kitts and Nevis. This event, organized by Central Banking Publication in collaboration with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s 40th anniversary, will witness the participation of global banking leaders. The event will bring together global leaders from central banks, where SecurEyes and Techurate will present their cutting-edge solutions to the central banks.

Harshvardhan Pusala Founder & Managing Director, Techurate Systems Private Limited said, “We are thrilled to explore a developed banking market like USA and expand our presence by offering world-class solutions. We have found the right partner in SecurEyes which has existing relationships in these markets. The synergy of this association will help us penetrate the large US banking industry and create a gateway to other developed markets. We look forward to sharing our transformative solutions that can empower banks to navigate the challenges of the digital age.”

Karmendra Kohli, Co-Founder & CEO of SecurEyes, who is one of the speakers at the event shall address the crucial topic of “Enhancing Cyber Security Resilience in the Age of Digital Transformation” at the Central Banking Event. In the run-up to the event, Kohli said, “The world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the realm of cyber security, and SecurEyes is proud to stand tall in protecting the cybersecurity interest of all our customers. Our collaboration with Techurate combines the best of technology and security, ensuring the protection of critical financial systems. We are excited to connect with experts and policymakers at the Central Banking Event to reinforce the importance of cyber security in the financial industry.”

Techurate has had a remarkable journey of growth and expansion. Beginning its operations in India, and further foraying into the South African market, Techurate quickly garnered recognition for its innovative solutions and became a trusted partner for various financial institutions. Leveraging this success, Techurate has expanded its presence to the United States, reinforcing its commitment to global excellence.

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