Tonic Worldwide collaborates with to launch Personalized Video Marketing Solution for brands

India, 2nd July 2020: Tonic Worldwide, a digital-first creative agency, has launched an AI-driven Personalized Video Marketing Solution for brands, as an extension of its already existing snackable video content division ‘TWIP’ – Tonic Worldwide Intuitive Programming. The collaboration with will enable TWIP to extend customization and personalization in videos under TWIP.

Personalization adds more context and relevance to brand videos and is key to helping them grab more and more eyeballs as well as increasing engagement. Realizing the potential for such hyperlocal customized videos, Tonic Worldwide’s TWIP will now create and distribute numerous such custom-made videos in seconds, for brands. TWIP is also built to deliver a seamless experience for brands, right from personalized video content creation & interaction to dissemination & detailed watch analytics powered by

Speaking on the new offering, Sudish Balan, Chief Business Officer, Tonic Worldwide, says, “In the new normal, video content consumption has drastically increased on all platforms. Brands and businesses are gearing up to make up for the lost time and as agency partners, we would want to equip them with effective and agile solutions. This mass personalization of videos with AI enables us to do that and can play a great role in garnering consumer trust and attention, as well as make it contextual to their needs and interests. This personalized video marketing solution can also be used to enhance effectiveness at every stage, right from awareness to action.”

Adding to this Rajesh Goyal, Partner & Co-founder, says, “Marketing is transforming rapidly in the digital world. is happy to partner with Tonic to enable them with Hyper personalization, customization in videos. This will enable brands to have a seamless customer experience with video interaction and stay true to TWIPs promise of ‘Intuitive’ communication backed by customer data.”

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