Top 5 ways To Boost The Productivity of Your Business In 2021

With the world recovering from the global pandemic, businesses are gearing up to shine this season. The global pandemic has impacted businesses – Small and big across the globe. With the workforce and consumer going completely digital under lockdown, not only have small businesses embraced digital platforms but digitally-savvy businesses are also relooking their models. As Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. So more and more companies are taking the digital route to boost their business. ere are 5 new-age tools to boost the productivity of your business in 2021:

Online Designing Tools

Designing is a huge part of the branding journey. From the brand logo to the social media creatives, newsletter, and visiting card, everything represents the brand. It is not possible for every company to be able to afford design teams and this hurdle could be easily overcome with the help of numerous online design tools that are available in the market. Design tools like Canva, have millions of templates to choose from and lets you customize them to your liking. You can make almost everything, from a presentation to a logo, to social media posts and even videos. Such tools help you easily meet your design needs and help you really put your brand out there. Well-designed brand collaterals play a great role in building brand recall. Online design tools these days help you team up and work on a particular project and have many other functionalities that help you get the best design results.

Virtual Content Assistants

Moving your business to the digital realm means the introduction to content marketing. Most brands have large teams of people that undertake all the copywriting for that enterprise while startups need XXXX. With content automation software such as, content is generated in a matter of seconds. You just need to put in the type of content you want from tweets to headlines, to blogs. Then provide some information about the company or the product and you’re good to go. These content assistants provide you with an assortment of ready-made content pieces as per your inputs to the software. This cuts down the work of the content team and with computer-programmed software producing the content, you can forget your worries about syntax and grammatical errors.

Editing and Proofreading Tools

Making online content is easier nowadays with automation apps, but what if you’re writing a story that’s personal to you or a life experience or something that is not public knowledge? How to keep a check on the quality of your content then? Proofreading and editing apps like the Hemingway app help you in making your content more readable and crisp. We’ve all read boring articles that sound redundant and lame, but you either force yourself to read through them or quit reading after a few initial lines. Well, proofreading tools help you there, by making sure that your content is easy to read, the sentences are not too long, and that you’re using simpler words in order to make the reading experience a delight rather than a struggle. Using such apps, improve the quality of your content and attract more attention to it.

AI-Powered Comment Moderation Systems

Social media has come up the ranks in being an important part of your overall brand strategy. Most corporations these days have at least an account on one of the social media platforms. It is the most important platform these days to connect with your target audience. During the covid lockdowns, the internet traffic multiplied exponentially and so did the no. of social media users.

This makes handling consumer engagement an impossible task for companies. Every minute, the comments section gets swarmed with new questions, and every customer expects a quick revert from the brand. For a consumer brand, every unanswered query could be a lost lead. AI-powered social media automation from brands like has made comment moderation a reality. The inclusion of AI helps the brand with real-time comment analysis and the choice of prioritized recommendations to act upon.’s AI-powered comment moderation system would help a brand in handling this digital surge at a superhuman scale. This makes the process efficient and cost-effective.

Newsletter/ Mailer Applications

Email marketing has been around for quite some time and was just about to fade away like most marketing trends if not for this revamped model. The subscription model for mailers and newsletters has gained immense popularity with a lot of major information portals dipping their toes in it. Platforms like Substack, enable you to start your own newsletter in which you can share exclusive content for users and it can be either paid or for free according to the owner’s choice. Many journalists have begun independent reporting on substack and quit their jobs to start their independent newsletter. This way they can share unadulterated content with their subscribers who have paid to read what they have to say. Companies have also used these applications to start their own mailers to keep their consumers informed about what’s happening inside the brand and develop a brand recall. These newsletter applications are helping the brands in making, editing, and disseminating their newsletters to their customer mailing lists and have made great strides in generating awareness amongst the end-consumers.


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