Touchtek’s FLUTE NH-14 Neckband Deliver with True HD Stereo Sound

With chic design and structure, Touchtek neckband delivers superior sound, offering a premium listening experience, optimal wearability, and is ideal for any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, smart Pad, or music device.

Press release: Touchtek, a brand committed to providing high-quality digital accessories at affordable prices, today announced the launch of its FLUTE NH-14 neckband. It is designed to provide good quality sound and is comfortable to fit in the ear. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth version, the neckband has a wide compatibility feature. It operates within 10 meters when connected to a device. Touchtek’s FLUTE NH-14 Bluetooth neckband provides 38 hours of battery playtime.

Mr. Neeraj Goel, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Touchtek said “We at Touchtek have made listening to music a much more hassle-free experience for users who love their freedom from wires. FLUTE NH-14 Bluetooth neckband is designed to provide immense satisfaction and comfort to the buyers. Amazing clarity, powerful bass, and dynamic stereo output are the key features of our new product. One can wear the headset comfortably during the most intense workouts as the neckband stays securely fit and comfortably in and it will be well appreciated by our patrons. The customers now have another option to choose from Touchtek’s wide audio range of products. All these products are crafted keeping in mind the challenges and requirements of today’s lifestyle”.

Touchteks FLUTE NH 14 Neckband Deliver


The neckband is designed with high-precision speakers and is a true companion for everyone with a busy and active lifestyle. The durable and comfortable design ensures that neckbands always stay in place while running, jogging, or at Gym. Featuring dynamic sound drivers, the neckband captures the most subtle audio waves. It offers powerful bass and crisp treble, perfect for different music styles and frequencies. They ensure crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound. The neckband comes with sweat resistance and connects seamlessly to any Android or IOS device via Bluetooth V5. Ergonomically designed, the neckband with its flexible head and inclined, in-the-ear fit, ensures day-long comfort. Additionally, it comes with environmental noise cancellation with a dual-mic system. Users can attend calls instantly without touching the phone with the swift caller feature. It has an inbuilt battery of 200mAh which can go for 38 hours in a single charge. One of the lightest in its category, the Touchtek FLUTE NH-14 Neckband weighs only 50 grams. The product comes with 1 unit of the neckband.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

Touchtek FLUTE NH-14 Neckband comes with an MRP of Rs.1,899/ – carrying a warranty of 6 months and is readily available for purchase in retail markets all over India.


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