ViewSonic Celebrates Double Win at 2023 HR Asia Awards

India, 24th July 2023 – ViewSonic Corp, a leading global provider of visual and EdTech solutions, has secured HR Asia’s prestigious Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2023 and the Digital Transformation Awards. These accolades are a testament to ViewSonic’s tenacious endeavors to drive digital transformation in education and create a positive employee experience within a state-of-the-art work environment.

HR Asia’s Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2023 is an eminent award for employers in the 16 major markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Adopting the Total Engagement Assessment Model to conduct a thorough survey, the assessment provides genuine insight into employees’ perceptions of their employers. The results demonstrate that ViewSonic has achieved excellent ratings in three crucial areas: workplace environment, diversity and inclusion, and team collaboration. This outcome illustrates the high regard employees have for ViewSonic’s environment and culture.

ViewSonic Celebrates Double Win at 2023 HR Asia Awards

Furthermore, ViewSonic has also received the Digital Transformation Award for its adeptness in transitioning from traditional to digital communication methods. This includes integrating internal information systems and learning resources; promoting employee interaction and knowledge sharing through a unified digital platform; and significantly improving information exchange and organizational identification to enhance the employee experience and accelerate internal innovation. At the same time, ViewSonic actively recruits top talent in software/hardware R&D, and AI, creating cross-generational solutions and offering superior teaching, working, and entertainment experiences for users globally.

Bonny Cheng, Chief Operating Officer at ViewSonic, remarked, “Taiwan is ViewSonic’s global R&D center, attracting diverse talents from around the world. We strive to create the optimal work environment by closely listening to the needs of our employees.” With physical, technological, and cultural environments in mind, ViewSonic incorporates artwork into its office design and provides employees with state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms that foster collaboration, as well as activities and courses that promote unity and development. “We are proud to share this recognition with leading companies across industries,” Mrs. Cheng acknowledged. “ViewSonic will persist in offering our employees a platform for self-realization, introducing world-class experiences to Taiwan, and promoting Taiwan’s talent and products to the world.”

In recent years, ViewSonic has successfully pivoted from a leading hardware brand to a solutions provider, one that promotes innovation and digital transformation in the education sector. To this end, ViewSonic has established an ecosystem to connect teachers, schools, government, and industry partners to develop new services and accelerate digital teaching transformation. Meanwhile, the company is expanding investments in education solutions, and recruiting talent in software and hardware R&D and AI technology. This dedicated team focuses on understanding and tackling the pain points experienced by teachers and students, enabling them to leverage first-hand insights to innovatively transform the education industry.

On this topic, Gary Wang, Human Resources Director for APAC at ViewSonic stated, “Consider our recently expanded education R&D team; our colleagues have a mission to revolutionize the education industry, designing world-class solutions tailored to local needs and profoundly changing the landscape of the education sector. We believe that ViewSonic offers more than competitive salaries and an international stage; we offer the deeper fulfillment of working with employees to realize their personal goals through work and make a positive impact on society. Such a committed enterprise is believed to be the key factor for our success.”

To promote digital transformation and nurture the professional development of employees, ViewSonic provides a variety of learning resources, such as practical workshops, leadership training, and various job advancement assistance that help employees develop in their careers. Whether in individual workplaces or large conference rooms, ViewSonic uses its audiovisual solutions to facilitate independent office work, team collaboration, and multinational operations. The office design incorporates areas for socializing and relaxation to prioritize employee communication and well-being. At the same time, artwork by renowned artists decorates the workplace to humanize the environment and stimulate employees’ creative potential.

ViewSonic will continue pursuing its vision of “Inspire the world to see the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary,” partnering with employees to enhance their self-worth and contribute positively to society, thereby creating a unique and satisfying enterprise.

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