Where can you watch your favourite anime content in India

Japanese animation, also known as anime is loved by Indians for its beautiful visual representation, amazing storylines, and characters that are realistic and relatable, even though they might have superpowers. Japanese culture and Indian culture are almost similar, and the artworks definitely influence the artists of these countries.

This is precisely why Indians loved anime as they were able to identify with the concepts. If you are an anime lover, then here are a few ways you can watch your favorite classics as well as contemporary and latest shows.

Animax on JioTV

KC Global Media, Asia’s leading entertainment network, launched Animax, their official anime channel on JioTV. Following huge demand from viewers on social media, they can now access Japanese pop-culture-inspired Japanese anima and manga.

Fans can now watch classic hit series like One Punch Man, which won Sugoi Japan Award and the Spanish Manga Barcelone award in 2017.

Naruto has been another fan favorite, mainly because it is inspired heavily by Indian culture.

Kuroko’s Basketball and action-packed anime series- LUPIN THE 3rd PART 5 is also available. These shows will be streamed in original Japanese audio with English subtitles for easy understanding.

Pokemon TV App:

The 90s kids have grown up on Ash and Pikachu’s adventures. And they have never failed to entertain viewers of all ages.

Unsurprisingly there were Pokemon merchandise, games, and whatnot. The Pokemon card collection might still be fresh amongst most. With the Pokemon TV app, one can watch all their favorite episodes, right from the beginning.

There are animated specials also available and most importantly viewers can watch exciting replays of matches from Play! Pokemon tournaments and events. Moreover, there are special features for young Pokemon fans as well. This app is available on Nintendo Switch, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch as well as Android devices and on set-top boxes.


Netflix is a hub for movie lovers. One can watch content from across the world, and understand different cultures, different languages, and human interactions.

There is a separate section for Anime lovers on Netflix, as Netflix understands the vastness of this form of content, and how consumers who love anime would binge-watch many episodes and shows back to back.

It has action-packed adventures, inspirational stories as well as offbeat comedy movies and TV shows. With a unique style and spirit, people can watch the latest shows here. Spy X Family is the current favorite among viewers and so is Demon Slayer. Beyblade has been a forever fan favorite and Ushio & Tora have also won the hearts of viewers.


For those who would like to watch great anime content for free, YouTube is where you can find what you want. However, make sure that you watch the content on the official YouTube channel of an anime distribution or production company.

Kadokawa or Funimation would be two great channels, to begin with. Beware of channels that put up content, as they are infringing copyright. Enjoy the anime.

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