XtraCover Launches SellNCash: Auction House for Old Smartphones

June 2023: XtraCover, an omnichannel marketplace to buy/sell smartphones and other electronic devices has recently announced the launch of SellNCash, India’s First e-Auction House for old smartphones – a website that has revolutionized the way consumers sell their old devices. It is a game-changing innovation for smartphone users in Delhi and NCR that offers the best market value from partner local businesses across the city.

The present world of technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. It is common for smartphones to become outdated, gathering dust in drawers or cluttering shelves and ultimately generating electronic waste. XtraCover addresses the issue and embarks on a mission to transform the smartphone resale landscape with SellNCash, a one-of-a-kind platform that guarantees convenience and profitability for smartphone users.

Delighted with the launch, Sourav Gupta, CEO at XtraCover said, “XtraCover is proud to introduce India’s first auction house for old smartphones, addressing the needs of consumers in Delhi and NCR. This initiative completes the loop of making XtraCover an omnichannel e-commerce enterprise. We invite smartphone users in Delhi and NCR to join us in this transformative journey and we also look forward to expanding the auction model to 5 more cities across India in the next 3 months and be present in 15 cities by the end of 2023.”

As part of the initiative, SellNCash boasts a live auction process. As soon as the SellNCash engineers complete the evaluation of the smartphone, they activate a fast-paced 5-minute long, real-time auction where multiple local businesses across the city compete to buy your device.

XtraCover Launches SellNCash

Simply put, the platform offers the convenience of a free doorstep pickup service to customers and they no longer have to get into the hassle of venturing out to find a buyer for their smartphone. SellNCash has a team of experts who arrive promptly at the customers’ doorstep to evaluate their devices and kickstart the live auction process, all in the comfort of the customer’s place.

Furthermore, the auction model is focused on providing twin benefits. It ensures that consumers receive the best market value for their old smartphones, with bids driven up by healthy competition among local businesses. Additionally, the swift and dynamic nature of the 5-minute auction means that consumers can promptly conclude the sale and get an instant payment for their device.

After the auction, SellNCash guarantees the customers to fetch up to 75% of the value of their smartphone at the time of purchase. With such competitive offers, XtraCover empowers consumers to make the most of their device’s residual worth and recoup a significant portion of their initial investment.


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