You Care Lifestyle launches its very own “Clean and Safety” Stamp

Mumbai, April 6th, 2023: You Care Lifestyle, an honest wellness platform founded by Luke Coutinho and Narendra Firodia, is committed to strengthening the safety and transparency of the products sold on its platform. You Care Lifestyle has launched its own stamps of approval on the occasion of World Health Day, based on stricter standards of approving the product’s science and Luke’s years of experience and healing philosophy. The You Care Lifestyle stamps of approval will serve as a signal to consumers that the product has been thoroughly vetted and meets the platform’s high standards for quality and effectiveness

You Care Lifestyle exhibits and promotes products that are free from false claims, artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, and so on. The platform is the best companion for consumers who are looking out for products that are honest and real in their claims.

Ingredients like maltodextrin, refined hydrogenated oils, processed sweeteners (refined sugar, HFCS, dextrose), Binders (corn flour, dextrin), GMO products, Dough conditioner (Azodicarbonamide), artificial sweeteners (Advantame, aspartame, acesulfame potassium) sugar alcohols (erythritol), Instant coffee, allergen causing Preservatives (BHT, BHA, sulphites and more), Emulsifiers (Mono and Di-glycerides, brominated oils), Synthetic flavours and fragrances, Aluminium, Artificial colours (Allura red, Indigo blue and more) and dyes, can lead to complex health issues. The You Care Lifestyle stamps of approval will guarantee that the products showcased are made with the safest ingredients and cleanest labels. Brands that carry the seal will go through rigorous testing.

In addition to the already stringent quality checks, the website will ensure that the brands deliver on their promises. “Brands that receive the stamp of approval will surely stand out from the multitude of brands that make fake promises through their false claims. These brands will prominently display the stamp on their products, packaging, and marketing materials, making them a cut above the rest. Our Clean & Safe Brand Seal will empower consumers to make informed choices, so it’s a win-win for both,” explains Narendra Firodia, Co-founder of You Care Lifestyle.

You Care Lifestyle also offers resources and support to brands that are committed to meeting their quality standards. Brands listed on You Care lifestyle’s website are given direction on sourcing ingredients, production procedures, and quality control measures, as well as marketing and promotional support to help brands reach a larger audience.

The goal of this initiative is to help consumers make informed decisions and promote the growth of trustworthy

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