5 Consumer Tech Platforms for Making Refurbished Goods Easy to Purchase

With the recent development of security features and innovations, people are motivated to buy new smartphones. But buying a new phone is not always the best way of purchasing it. Another way of enjoying the benefits of a smartphone at a better price is by purchasing refurbished phones.

The refurbished phones offered by manufacturers, cell phone carriers, and major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart are generally “certified,” which means they’ve been inspected and often upgraded to make sure they’re in good working condition. Additionally, the rise of refurbished devices has opened a door for more people to help in the fight against environmental waste. Smartphones and other devices like laptops have helped cause a surge in e-waste. A lot of times, when people buy new smartphones, they either throw the old ones away or chuck them into a drawer and forget about them. This leads to the precious metals inside not being recycled, which means manufacturers have to pull more of those materials from the earth to fuel future phone creation.

Below are the top five websites from where you can buy refurbished products:


XtraCover is an eCommerce platform that caters to the lifecycle management services of smartphones and other electronic devices. With its operations dating back to the end of 2019, XtraCover has been working towards creating awareness in the Indian ecosystem that would lead to making refurbished devices a valued choice, if not the preferred choice, of customers for their technology purchases. All of Xtracover’s services – refurbishment, repair, extending warranty, and buyback of old devices for refurbishment/resale, add up to this goal and the company envisions itself as a premium consumer brand in the market.

Furthermore, offering XCQC quality checks and certification to a one-year warranty on refurbished devices builds trust between Xtracover and the consumer as it assures the latter that they can get it repaired if and when the need arises for minimal or zero cost.



Founded in 2013, Cashify has evolved into a re-commerce leader in India. Apart from smartphone buyback, Cashify is now a smartphone-centric brand providing all-around mobile care at the doorstep of smartphone users. While primarily established as an online platform that facilitates hassle-free smartphone buyback, the key factors that set Cashify apart are the emphasis on data privacy, objective pricing, and instant payment. Their salient features: Use their buying guide to purchase the smartphone that’s best suited for you, buy the trendiest high-quality mobile accessories that give the customers the edge, get the phone repaired at an affordable price, etc.



hyperXchange – Kolkata – based startup, from its inception in 2016 had the sole purpose to rid the world of old technology. Their staff of experts develops a checklist with tests and requirements to check before offering refurbished gear in order to assure that each piece of hardware and software is in working order. The platform uses analytics and deep learning to diagnose, revalue and certify old gadgets, enabling customers to avail the easy buy options, get the lowest price guarantee, accurate refurbishment, 12-month comprehensive warranty, automated diagnostic, and price offer.



It started in 2015 with a mission to provide technology access to 100 million people through recommerce. It tried to bridge the divide between India’s smartphone haves and have-nots. Since its launch, the company has grown to 350,000 registered users, partnered with 1,000+ offline retailers and eCommerce platforms, and reached 25,000 pin codes. It has also worked with some of India’s most prominent unicorns, including Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, and BigBasket.



Overcart is India’s first marketplace for over-stock, un-boxed, refurbished, and pre-owned products. With a comprehensive quality-check process, expert product knowledge, and unparalleled customer focus, this is the safest place for you to purchase secondary products.


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