Four tech-based Consulting Firms to Look Out for

Artificial Intelligence is taking many industries by storm, including finance, marketing, recruitment, retail, manufacturing, eCommerce, healthcare, and gaming. However, many people lack the knowledge and expertise needed to implement AI effectively. This has increased the need for AI consulting. AI consulting firms help businesses create an overall system based on the requirements necessary for successful implementation. AI Consultants remain responsible for managing projects and ensuring that internal resources are compatible with code and AI infrastructure.

The main goal of a consulting firm is to help companies achieve their most important business objectives and maximize their performance capabilities. AI experts use machine learning algorithms to solve complex business issues, build prescriptive models, complete projects with structured insight-driven decisions, manage and optimize your projects, and much more.

Below are the four AI consulting firms which are helping businesses with exponential user growth and retention:


It is an AI and Big Data Analytics firm, which helps organizations in managing their data assets and finding the best ways to surface insights from the data to enable them with data-centric decisions. They deep dive into data to unlock insight and have the courage to act. They work with their clients to build analytics capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage. They offer customer analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, spatial analytics & computer vision analytics services to connect business to the data.


Eucloid is one of the fastest-growing boutique consulting firms that empowers companies to drive growth in their digital commerce journeys through its data-driven analytics and data engineering expertise. Eucloid is committed to solving data-related challenges that hinder customer acquisition and retention processes by leveraging cross-channel marketing strategies and data science models to help clients target prospects and maximize campaign ROI and ROAS. It measures and optimizes campaigns for performance on various search and social media platforms through multiple approaches such as data-enabled Retargeting and Analysis of Buyer Personas.

In addition, the company is rapidly emerging as the go-to partner for the data engineering needs of its clients. The consulting firm has struck partnerships with prominent technology names including Databricks, Adobe, Twilio, Snowflake, and many others highlighting its tech-first approach toward generating insights and business value at scale.


Sigmoid is a leading data engineering and AI solutions company that helps enterprises gain a competitive advantage with effective data-driven decision-making. Their team is strongly driven by the passion to unravel data complexities. They generate actionable insights and translate them into successful business strategies. They leverage their expertise in open-source and cloud technologies to develop innovative frameworks catering to specific customer needs. Their unique approach has positively influenced the business performance of their Fortune 500 clients across CPG, retail, banking, financial services, manufacturing, and other verticals.

Crossroad Elf

It is a fast-growing IT Services Company headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company’s core competency includes Data Analytics, Data Engineering, and Decision Science Systems. Their primary objective is to provide turnkey solutions to customers who are keen on succeeding and achieving sustainable growth in the modern-day business scenario. They bring together design, technology, and innovation, to provide solutions tailored to suit customer needs and demands. In the process, they create unique experiences and key moments of interaction with a focus on the client’s end goals.

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