5 emerging cab aggregators leading the transport industry in India

The emergence of app-based cab aggregators (CA) has disrupted the urban transportation system and transformed how people make travel choices in Indian cities.  With the approach of cab aggregator giants like Uber, Ola, and Meru on the lookout, traveling has become simpler. Be that as it may, the story doesn’t end here. Since the time these enormous brands changed the vehicle business, new and inventive vehicle aggregator new companies are springing up from time to time. Furthermore, some generally existing vehicle aggregator new companies are getting promoted also. Some time ago driving to a spot was troublesome with deficient transports, taxis, and cars however presently with these application-based administrations, you don’t have to pursue taxis any longer.

According to a report released by ICRANSE, the Indian passenger vehicle industry is likely to ride on the “strong growth potential of domestic taxi segment” in the near term. But Ola and Uber are not the only cab services racing to get a pie of the online rental market. So let us look at a portion of the exceptionally creative cab aggregator new businesses in India:

emerging cab aggregators


WHIDE is an emerging Ride and Delivery apps that run on a trust and no-commission business model. Integrated with new-age technology, the app offers a smart solution to fulfill the customers’ daily travel and delivery needs with trusted drivers at the best and honest fares. Incepted in 2021, WHIDE offers an extensive range of services – ride out of town, rent a cab, hire a driver or require self-care for a short period of time, pick anything up from an unlisted store or deliver anything from anywhere, with a trusted driver.

Founded by Rachitta Juneja, a renowned and award-winning women entrepreneur, WHIDE brings a platform that changes the outlook of people towards life and the way they take care of their daily tasks. It is based on the vision ‘Creation belongs equally to everyone that benefits customers in managing their daily travel hassles and drivers in facilitating trusting business options at NO COMMISSION MODEL. The services are available in Delhi NCR.


Wagon Cab

Delhi-based Wagon Cab was founded in April 2017 by Arpan Aggarwal and Uttam Bose. However, operations started only in October last year. Arpan realized the need for a cab service that didn’t burn a hole in the customer’s pocket after looking at Ola and Uber’s surge pricing. The Wagon Cab app lets a customer book cab rides only when a driver is available within a radius of two kilometers. Wagon Cab charges a flat rate of Rs 10 per kilometer; the fare doubles after 11 pm. Currently bootstrapped, the company has a team of 18 employees. In the long run, Wagon Cab plans to hire women drivers to join its fleet.



Gurugram-based CabBazar is an online cab aggregator for outstation travel and is focused mostly on Tier II and Tier III cities as they do not have a strong presence of app-based cabs. While they currently focus on intercity travel, they also have options for intra-city travel. The company was founded in 2017 by 23-year-old Deepanshu Rustagi, an engineer. One can book a ride by entering the travel dates and itinerary on the CabBazar website. It also has an Android app for its customers. It displays pricing for different cars and allows customers to book cabs by paying 15 percent in advance. CabBazar expects to grow 50 percent quarter-on-quarter in FY 2018-19 and 40 percent year-on-year after that.



Bengaluru-based GetMeCab was founded by Amit Lakhotia, Bhola Meena, Kapil Sehgal, and Sanjeev Duggal in 2011. It offers one-way and round-way intercity car rental services along with intra-city services in more than 100 Indian cities.

An online cab booking service, it also provides guided tour packages and lets users select cars through the app. The company has tie-ups with taxi operators across India and helps them sell their inventory online. GetMeCab charges are subjective and depend on the pickup city, destination city, and the type of vehicle selected by the user.


Vihik Cabs

Vihik Cabs was co-founded by husband-wife duo Chaitanya Duddu and Sameera Duddu in June 2016. Hyderabad-based Vihik connects drivers and customers, allowing them to negotiate prices in real-time.

The riders can contact cab drivers directly, set a price, and then bid a trip through the app. All drivers within a five-km radius receive the booking request with the same price. Once the driver accepts the booking, the customer is sent a confirmation message. Vihik enables cash payments and accepts payments through Paytm. The company charges a 20 percent commission for each trip from the drivers. Vihik’s app became functional in February 2017, and the founders have invested Rs 10 lakh. Vihik claims to have over 75,000 customers and over 1,000 drivers.



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