5 health-tech startups performed well in 2020

health tech startups performed well in 2020

Healthcare is definitely one of the hottest areas for technological innovation today. While large healthcare enterprises are busy experimenting with new technologies, the most exciting products and services are coming from small startups. The growing demand for more agile, transparent, and quality-driven healthcare deliverability has been the major driving factor behind the enablement of technology and automation in this critical industry.

2020 is a year where we all experienced a lot of changes. From Coronavrius an unstoppable disease to its upcoming vaccine we have seen it all. This pandemic hit a little hard on the healthcare industry as they were doomed with its burden. Healthcare workers were forefront fighters in this COVID-19 pandemic and so were health-tech startups who helped people with new innovations to fight this battle.

Navia Life Care

Navia Life Care serves over 8,000 doctors and 100 hospitals and clinics thereby providing better care to lakhs of patients. The startup is a boon for doctors and hospitals as it helps them to manage their patients with ease with the help of technology. It aims to make the doctor’s life easy with the patient management system and provide an enhanced patient experience to them. Navia has come up with various concepts to digitize the healthcare industry like Voice AI feature, Telemedicine, and networking apps.


HopeQure provides the best online counseling and emotional support for improved mental wellness by connecting patients with the right therapist. HopeQure has a wide range of online psychiatrists, online psychologists, Psychotherapists, counselors, Life Coaches, Career Guides having rich experience in handling and guiding through tough situations confidentially. It brings in emotional balance among people by providing high-quality Psychological Support through globally qualified Psychology counselors.


MFine connects you to specialist doctors from the most trusted hospitals. Consult doctors online across 30+ specialties via chat, audio, or video call instantly. It brings the doctors which are available on the common platform using technologies. One can also book a health check or a lab test from the comfort of your home. Online Doctor consultation via MFine is the easiest and most convenient way to address health concerns.


Meddo partners with top doctors to provide care to the patients, providing all health needs under one roof. It provides doctor consultation, nutrition, lifestyle, cutting edge lab testing, and other health services.


Medibuddy is a platform that brings together the best of healthcare offered by a curated network of partners for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. They provide insurance benefits, online appointment management, network hospital research, enrollment of beneficiaries, and raising and tracking claims.

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  1. I would like to appreciate online platform in the field Medical Advice,consultation. Management, patient and Hospitals . Myself is ex paramedic Army Medical corps since 2006 This system we were started at that time for the Management of remote area patient thnx.


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