AVerMedia products to support Video Conferencing for Remote Workers

Press release: AVerMedia, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional and industrial-grade video capturing and streaming solutions, recently introduces high-quality video conferencing products for remote workers. Millions have found themselves working from home, and relying on video conferencing products and solutions for carrying out basic meetings with their colleagues and business contacts. The products aim to help companies to continue operating as normal during the rise in the Coronavirus epidemic. With the high-quality USB microphone, HD webcam, and excellent 3rd party software compatibility, AVerMedia has made sure that working remotely won’t slow down.

ExtremeCap BU110:

ExtremeCap BU110

ExtremeCap BU110 is an HDMI to USB 3.0 converter that sends videos to mobile, laptops, DSLR for capturing and streaming on the move. Whether you are doing any video conference meeting, broadcasting events, lectures, or recording vlogs, ExtremeCap UVC boosts your work and captures any HDMI video source, purely unaltered at 1080p60. The ExtremeCap UVC is a plug and play device that requires no driver installation. It works across major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Simply connect a DSLR to the cell phone through ExtremeCap UVC, open a streaming app that supports USB camera and you are ready to stream high-quality videos up to 1080p60. Additionally, it supports third-party streaming software like OBS, Wirecast, XSplit, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, and many more.


USB Microphone AM310:

USB Microphone AM310

We all know how important the audio quality of a video or a podcast matters and it is crucially important is it to send a message or idea to the audience in an immaculate way. AM310 is designed to favor the music performers, live streamers who crave for studio-quality sounds. It delivers clearer, richer, and warmer sound which is ideal for remote working, teaching, podcasting, streaming, gaming, and more. AM310 is incorporated with the built-in cardioid condenser, enabling the end-users to record sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone delivering detail, accurate, and full-body sounds. AM310 is a perfect-fit solution/device to immerse your audience and add glamour to your voice.




Live Streamer Cam 313:

Live Streamer Cam 313

The Live Streamer Cam 313 (PW313) is a plug-and-play USB webcam that records and stream at 1080p. The device is crafted understanding the different pain points of today’s broadcasters, and for the remote employees, who demand high-quality video recordings. The PW313 comes with two built-in microphones (mono) and flexible, 360-degree swivel design. A well-thought privacy shutter provides users with peace of mind against potential prying eyes of hackers and the flexible mounting clip with rubber pads enables the camera to be mounted firmly either on top of the monitor or on a tripod. Additionally, it features fair skin/wrinkle reduction camera effects, portrait filters (using facial recognition) as well as other filters.


Price, Availability & Warranty

ExtremeCap BU110 comes with an MRP of Rs 34,839, USB Microphone AM310 at Rs 15,617, and Live Streamer Cam 313 at 11,293 carrying a warranty of 1 year.

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