Riot Labz introduces a small version of Oakmist named “Oakmist Mini”

Press release: Announcing a first of its kind innovation, Riot Labz presents a small version of Oakmist – automatic mist based hand sanitizer dispensers, named “Oakmist Mini” which were designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This Mini version is being launched to meet the sanitization needs of Indian households.

Oakmist mini is explicitly designed for the sanitization needs of the Indian households during this pandemic and carries a one year warranty. Oakmist mini has been endurance tested for more than 100,000 spray cycles and is housed in an aluminum body. It uses a high precision ultrasonic sensor to detect the hands to spray a mist of hand sanitizer. Oakmist mini has a capacity of around 1200 ml and works with any liquid sanitiser based on IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or Ethanol. The packaging also includes a bottle of 500 ml high-quality hand sanitizer, wall mounting screws, a 2.5 Amp power adapter and a premium mat to collect any tertiary spillage if it happens. Also included in the packaging is a collapsible funnel to assist in sanitiser refilling. With it is copyrighted design Oakmist mini is a very trendy option to replace the clutter of hand sanitisers that lay at our entry doors. A user can order the product from or via their mobile app.

OakMist Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser min

Shishir Gupta, CEO, and founder of Riot Labz, says, “OakMist is proud to serve Indians at large in these trying times, where sanitization is a necessary means for survival. This mini unit is explicitly designed for the sanitization needs of Indian households during this pandemic.”

The Oakmist Mini will provide a further boost in the adoption of the DRDO’s contactless touchless sanitizer which is already in use at locations like the Supreme Court, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the PMO, Ministry of Home Affairs, Chennai and Ahmedabad airports, etc. Company officials have informed that in recent days there has been an increase in orders by private organizations, offices, and shopping malls for the product.

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